5 Killer Facebook Marketing Tips You Can Use Today

In today’s blog post I am going share with you my 5 Killer Facebook Marketing Tips You Can Use Today” to grow your audience and increase your edgerank with your social media marketing.

5 Facebook Marketing Tips

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Tip #1 – Use A Separate Facebook Profile just for Networking or you can use your current personal profile.

Since the update with Facebook’s new algorithm your posts aren’t being seen due to lack of real engagement therefore it is highly advisable to focus on growing your personal Facebook profile account to the maximum friend count of 5,000.


Tip #2 – Do not include links in your post as Facebook doesn’t like their users to leave their website.

Instead you can comment a call to action like “If you want access to xyz, drop a YES in the comments” that will encourage your audience to say Yes and you can post the link in the comment thread. You can also do this during a Facebook Live and giving the same call to action while you are speaking on the live stream.


Tip # 3 – Remove your network marketing or affiliate program name from your profile.

One of the biggest mistakes I see marketers in any niche make is they include the name of their network marketing opportunity or affiliate program in the name of their profile username. You want to brand yourself so stick with your own real name.


Tip #4 – Create a Facebook Group for your leads and subscribers on your list.

I have the Wake Up & Prosper Group which is a free to join Facebook group for helping aspiring new entrepreneurs who are currently looking to start a business online or struggling to get results in their current business regardless of their niche. This is going to help you build that know, like and trust credibility with your members as they are joining your group.

You can share free tips, tricks, training, and do it with Facebook Lives, posts, blog shares and even run a group challenge to build that momentum for results in your current business.


Tip #5 – Follow up with every Like and call them out with a tag to the person that liked or gave a thumbs up their name.

Every time a viewer likes your posts get in the habit of calling them out with a tag of their name and follow up with a question related to the post topic. I’ve done this within not just my profile but also in my own Facebook group to increase engagement.

There is a saying, “Monkey see, Monkey do”. So soon as the other members notice people are being tagged and commenting with answers to your questions the other viewers are going to want to join in on the action.


Facebook Marketing Tips | Final Thoughts

I’ve been able to apply these very facebook marketing tips in my online marketing efforts and I now have a bigger audience of friends and followers that are engaging with my content and building that relationship of know, like and trust.  If you have been struggling with building your own targeted audience and growing your personal brand online its because you’ve never been taught how to market yourself on the internet.

The best way to over come the frustration of what types of posts to put in Facebook and how to effectively communicate with your followers is to learn the skills of “Attraction Marketing”.  We will be covering all this and more with our YouTube Lives so be sure to subscribe to our channel below.

Do you have any cool Facebook Marketing Tips I didn’t cover and love to share? Post in the comments we love to test them out.

Your friends and mentors,

Ace & Rich Guzman



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