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Acti-Labs Review | Can You Make Money With Acti-Labs?

In this Acti-Labs Review, we are going to share with you some helpful information about this beauty business and see if you can make money or not?

Makeup, Skincare, Anti-aging, what do these categories have in common? They are billion dollar industries and that means with Acti-Labs now opening in the USA this year you have the opportunity to be an ambassador to help the company expand right here in the United States.

Acti-Labs Review | Who Is Acti-Labs?


The company known as Acti-Labs formally known under the brand name of ActiDerm launched their business online in the USA on March 31, 2016. The top Diamond Ambassador of the company is Ashleigh Bray who was leading the company to success when she reached recruiting thousands of ambassadors creating a level known as Diamonds who are currently expanding here in the USA.

It’s still unclear to us if she is the official CEO of Acti-Labs but it seems so far all the content put out points to her being the head of the USA expansion. The original founders of Acti-Labs is John and Yelena Miller a husband and wife couple who started the company in France June 6, 2011.

In the beginning, ActiDerm originally was known for their top quality and effective anti-aging skin care products but now since launching in the United States they have expanded their product line to include weigh-loss body wraps and makeup.

We have never heard of Ashleigh Bray so we wanted to search any background information we could find to verify her credibility in the industry of Direct Sales. Based on the information we have found from her speaking in her YouTube and Vimeo videos she was active with ActiDerm before the name changed and she would market the business through face to face home party “Old School” network marketing techniques offline.

Acti-Labs Review | About The Acti-Labs Products

Acti-Labs products are all manufactured by Acti-Laboratories which is located in France and distributed by leading brand ambassadors (sales representatives) in the UK and now available in USA. The products are made with the safe and highest grade quality ingredients to cleanse and purify the skin for both men and women.  The majority of customers who are buyers of this line and love it already are loyal buying customers who love the products and swear by their own testimonials.

You can review the Slideshare widget below to see all the products and full description.

The categories include products to:

Cleanse and Purify
Cosmeceutical Treatments
Cosmeceutical Creams
Nutriceutical Treatments
Body Sculpting Body Wraps
Body Care
Mineral Makeup
Makeup Brushes sold separately
Lip Glosses
Lip Crayons
Eye Makeup Powders, Liners, Brow Wax and Mascara
and coming soon with the USA launch they will be adding products for hair, dieting and customized makeup palettes.

Acti-Labs Review | About The Acti-Labs Compensation Plan

There are so many ways to get paid with the Acti-Labs Compensation Plan that it would just make this post too long to read. Therefore, here is a great training video to help answer your questions so you can get a better understanding the benefits of working with Acti-Labs.

Compensation Plan Training from Acti-Labs with Team Radiance on Vimeo.

We have attached the career plan screen capture here as a road map of the entire compensation plan structure.  If you have questions about this compensation plan then speak to your Acti-Labs representative for detailed info as we are not affiliated with Acti-Labs products or the Acti-Labs business opportunity.

<iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Acti-Labs Review | Pros Vs Cons Of Acti-Labs

There are many pros and cons that we have found about Acti-Labs so let’s start with the pros of joining Acti-Labs on the business side.


  • Ground Floor expansion of a company already established successfully in the UK now launching in the United States.
  • You can join without a product kit or with a product kit it’s based on your positioning and what you can do as far as meet sales consistently.
  • A business start-up kit containing Acti-Labs products that you can use to showcase at demos.
  • All products are not tested on animals, contain no harmful chemicals or parabens and are make with 90% of recycled materials.
  • A replicated Acti-Labs website to allow you to sell a full catalog of products at affordable prices.
  • Ongoing training and support by webinars hosted by the top Ambassadors in the company.
  • Earn weekly commissions on your sales plus bonuses like the car bonus and luxury team travel.
  • If you are not able to make your sales quota you can submit in writing for a one-month extension.


  • You have to go up against a strong competition with the top direct sales companies like Younique, Jeunesse Global, Nerium International, and Rodan and Fields.
  • The amount of commission earned is not scalable if you can’t produce enough sales volume consistently to put back into your business.
  • The training provided is mixed offline marketing techniques through home party plan.
  • It’s interesting to learn that although there is no testing on animals the company have not paid the fee to be included in the list of companies that do not test on animals.
  • You will have to physically handle products, process sales orders, and host your own parties which can be expensive if you don’t break even in your first month.
  • Downline commissions range 3% up to 7% which is not a lot of money unless you have enough buyers in your downline consistently ordering products.
  • There is not enough digital marketing training on how to market online properly through social media networks and no one is teaching you how to market.
  • There are not allowing people to express the growing process as we have found already there are a file of complaints by one former member who was banned for voicing her own opinions.

Acti-Labs Review | Final Conclusion

There definitely is potential for Acti-Labs to grow fast in the USA because what they got going for them is the culture they already have established in the UK.  The relationships that were built within Ashleigh Bray’s Diamond organization has already begun to spread and its still too early to tell what is going to happen next.  I love the purple branding and packaging of the products and the prices are not too expensive but I haven’t tested it on my own skin.

There was a post that went viral in Facebook by a woman who made a video complaint sharing her horrible experience of getting treated badly by the Diamond Team for voicing her views. Not sure what that was all about but I believe based on her reaction she wasn’t kidding around when she stated how Acti-Labs is not all that is seems and that others should get out before its too late.

In one video I seen Ashleigh Bray recommending to people in the company to not rely on Facebook and in another video training they are posting pictures and videos of the makeup on their profiles considering it is effective in recruiting people to the business.

Clearly this is not effective and I can tell that they are just throwing things up on Social Media and seeing what sticks type of marketing advice. If you want to market effective on social media networks you have to do it strategically and consistently by following a formula.

You have to have the numbers in your favor when you are working this type of compensation plan and you must have the right quality type of people coming to you daily by the droves if Acti-Labs is for them.

In the last company my partner Rich grew to 4,000 distributors back in 2008 organically, it wasn’t because he sold through friends and family, it was because he focused on learning how to drive traffic to his business and build his own list of quality leads that already was searching for his offers.

Once we figured out this formula we applied it to any affiliate and network marketing business that allowed us to be positioned at the top of our compensation plan.

If you enjoyed this review leave a comment below we like to hear from your experience and know where you are stuck at in your Acti-Labs business.

See you on the next post!


Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman

7 thoughts on “Acti-Labs Review | Can You Make Money With Acti-Labs?”

  1. April Pierce Kramer

    Thanks for an honest review. I have used the Acti products, and so have 2 of my friends. Personally I find them refreshing and great quality. My 2 friends used the wraps and literally lost inches. So far, I haven’t been disappointed. I signed up as a web only ambassador, little buy in, and have been growing my followers thru good social media content. Pretty simple, however I was just doing this a side way to pay for my products. Thanks!

  2. Hey there, I am a UK ambassador and I understand your take on the training. I myself joined a community that train on every aspect of network marketing and feel this has made a big impact on my business. The owners of the company Yelena and John are lovely and have amazing ethics, they don’t wish to pay for the cruelty free label or anything else that seems unnecessary. The whole point of Acti Labs is so anyone can earn extra money from home whether it’s an extra £20 a week or more. No targets means anyone can use it to bring in an additional income. I have been with them just under a year and have never had any issues myself. Its very laid back with minimal rules. Great review and has good points.

  3. Worst customer service ever. Had been selling for a while when a package suddenly didn’t show up and Acti told me that I had to file a police report even after I explained that the package said “placed in mailbox” when I didn’t have a mailbox. They told me that is the only way that they would send the items again.

    Then when I spoke with them again in regard to how Spokane doesn’t file police reports for missing packages and how that’s ridiculous and a waste of time they followed up with “I’m sorry”. Talked about no longer selling Acti and they close my account before I contacted USPS.

    Will never sell Acti again.

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