What To Expect From Joining Bioceutica?

What To Expect From Joining Bioceutica?

So you want to join Bioceutica but don’t know where to go from there right?

It’s okay this is totally normal and we are going to help you with our own evaluation of what to expect from joining Bioceutica.

Understand this is a network marketing business that requires hard work and effort in order to make the kind of money you desire but you got to work smarter.


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Today we are going to share with you important facts to prepare you with what to expect from joining the Bioceutica opportunity.  Read more…!

Disclaimer: The information in this post is for generic purposes and can be applied to any type of network marketing or MLM business opportunity.  The responses we have stated here are based on our collective industry experience and credibility with the internet marketing and network marketing industries.  Keep in mind that we are in no way affiliated with the Bioceutica company and if you would like to order products or become a sales associate, we recommend you follow up with the person who introduced you to Bioceutica.

So what is Bioceutica and what type of products or services to they sell to the public that’s so great? Can you really make a six figure income with marketing their products or is it a scam? In order for us to answer these most common questions let’s dive deeper into the most important facts about the company and then we will break it down for you as simple as we can in explaining how the business opportunity works.

What is Bioceutica?

Bioceutica didn’t start out as their tradename they are operating under today because they incorporated as the Trump Network.  The company was bought out by Antoine Nohra and at a later time he began searching for a CEO who could lead the company to success.  Today the company is operated by Candace Keefe, CEO and is located in Danvers, Massachusetts with a new mission statement

“Life Without Limits”


The company offers a variety of health and wellness nutritional products by selling through their independent consultants to the end consumer.  The product line is customized to the customer based on their nutritional supplemental needs such as weight loss or increasing energy and stamina.

Which Packages Are Available For Interested  Bioceutica Customers?

There are 3 ways to join but it’s recommended for the most savings to be a Independent Consultant.

Basic Kit which costs $89.00 plus your $47 annual renewal fee on top of that.

Nutraceutical Starter Kit which costs $199 plus your $47 annual renewal fee on top of that.

Feel Better, Look Better , Live Better Kit which costs $550 plus your $47 annual renewal fee on top of that.

Keep in mind you will have to order a monthly autoship for your own personal use but you will only be paid on sales to other customers not your own personal purchases.

Something else you need to know which is understanding more about how you get paid if you chose to sell these products at retail to customers or if you want to get paid a commission for recruiting others into your downline.

 Understanding The Bioceutica Compensation Plan?

As you may or may not know the network marketing industry is really not for everyone, in fact the staggering failure rate is at 97% of the people who join a MLM type of business opportunity end up failing within their first 3 -6 months in the business and quit.

But you are here reading this post because you are not the 97% in fact you are the rare category of 3% that is in position to be successful.

So let’s say you just joined and are ready to get started recruiting others into your team there is something you need to know that you might haven’t been told and that’s because it could affect your enrollments in the future.

The compensation plan has what is called a “Breakaway” in it which means to you that if you sponsored a independent consultant who climbs through the ranks faster than you and hits the level of Regional Manager, all their PGBV (personal group business volume) points will breakaway from your downline organization and no longer count toward your qualifications.

But the company states in their policy that you will still earn Leadership Bonuses based on their PGBV (Personal Group Business Volume).

We can honestly say this is a turn off for many experienced network marketers which is why the decline in enrolling experienced network marketing leaders into breakaway type of comp plans don’t work so well.

How Do You Get Paid?

bioceutica comp plan


When an independent consultant gets started selling the product at retail value the company will pay 15% commission rate only if your retail volume is reached 200.

Personal Retail Volume   Initial $200   earns you a commission of 15%

All PRV after 200 CPRV (Cummulative Personal Retail Volume) is reached earns you the following:

$1-$99 = 20%

$100-$299 =25%

$300-$799 =30%

$800 + =35% plus $50 bonus

Of course you also not only get paid these rates for selling and moving products but additional bonuses for training and recruiting others into the business.  According to the compensation plan for executive mentors the following is paid based on personal volume required and cummulative volume required for each sponsored.

Independent Consultants who each reached 200 CPRV          EMR Bonus Earned

6                                                                                                                        $120

12                                                                                                                      $240

18                                                                                                                      $360

24                                                                                                                      $480

and so on paid in increments of 6.

To learn more in full detail as we stated in the beginning get back to the person who mentioned Bioceutica to you or visit the company website.

 The Number 1 Problem With Selling Bioceutica

Okay not that we covered all of that here is the problem with selling Bioceutica as a independent consultant you will have to deal with.  First the company training is using old school typical MLM selling strategies that are outdated in fact today you will notice not many marketers are doing offline marketing because of the internet.

The company trains its consultants that the bridge to success is a hybrid of using all the strategies to get people in front of your business opportunity by direct sales, mlm and that is how to become successful.

Well that’s complete BS, if you want to know the truth then here is why the top income earners are at the top and how much competition it will be for you to get up to the ladder near them.

You’re going to have to change the way your are taught to market by doing everything opposite of what the company is teaching you.  I know it seems insane but trust us when we say its been working for all the top leaders in MLM and Direct Sales.

We are in the digital marketing era now where everyone can go to their mobile phones, iPads and Kindles as wells as laptops to access the world through the internet.

Unlike how it was back then where you have to chase friends and family and do home parties or even book a flight out of your state it’s super simple to have a Google Hangout or Skype Video chat with your prospect.

Now is the time to learn how to generate and attract the right type of people to your Bioceutica business and build your marketing skillsets the right way.



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