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CAbi Review | The Do’s and Don’ts Of Marketing CAbi

In this CAbi Review I am going to share more details not only about the company but also how to get great results in your business.  Read more…!

What is CAbi?

How are women in CAbi making money from home selling clothes?

What should a consultant be doing and not doing to get the results in their business?

More details inside…

CAbi Review | The CAbi Company Story

Just to give you an idea of what CAbi is all about here is their introduction video to the opportunity and the mission of the entire company.

What does CAbi mean? Basically, the company name CAbi stands for Carol Anderson By Invitation. The founder of CAbi is Carol Anderson who was a former clothing designer employed by Nordstrom. During the year 2001 something was happening to the fashion retail industry that opened the idea to Carol that would revolutionize a much better shopping experience.

See Carol was noticing how women would feel isolated with shopping for these types of clothes at the malls and over time she noticed it was effecting sales.

Later Carol pulled all her resources together and gathered up all her contacts whom she had built relationships with over the years accross the country to create a new fashion collection designed for everyday women that will forever change the way shop at home fashion was experienced.

One of their main contacts who is now her business partner is management consultant Kimberly Inskeep, together these two women came up with a great idea that will help women all over the world no matter what their experience to have access to a home based business opportunity while looking good all the time.


With the help of 12 women who became founders of CAbi the company started to grow in a whole different light where the mission was now to help eachother and women all over the world with CAbi clothing, The CAbi business opportunity, and the CAbi loan program to help women in other countries get funds to start their own businesses.

A brand fashion forward home party company for women by women…

According to an article I recently read on The Wall Street Journal about a new fashion label that is ringing up sales in the home party niche called CAbi.

I started researching who this new home party network marketing company was and the video I just shared with you in this post was the one that really got my attention. As a woman who has experience in trendy ladies fashion personally speaking I love fashion shows and seeing all the new fashions for the seasons.

What became interesting was how many people were joining this young business opportunity and willing to spend the money on the clothing. Mind you the prices for most of these pieces in the CAbi clothing line are below $200 but the news was out that women was selling between $4,000 and up of home party sales.

What is so special about this clothing line compared to what you will find at a store like Nordstrom or Cache? And my other question was would CAbi representatives aka “Consultants” be successful in today’s market selling clothing through home party plans?

CAbi Review | About the CAbi Clothing

Since we are approaching October 2015 we got a inside look at the new Fall 2015 Women’s Clothing Collection.

I am more of a visual person so I like to watch models wear the clothes so I can see if there is a potential for everyday women to want to wear the same outfit, top, dress, pant, or skirt.

Here is the actual preview of the Fall 2015 Fashion Runway Show for CAbi .

Immediately I wasn’t all to attracted to the colors and style cuts of these outfits and I’m in my 30’s and love to dress up but these lines didn’t appeal as attractive. The prices are too pricey I mean take a look at this simple cami they are selling on their website for $34 and its available in neutral, black and white.

cabi cami

Cabi Cami Price $34

As a bargain hunting shopper I can find the same cami in a department store for less than that its just how you approach shopping.  Some women will like these pieces and others like myself will not like any of the pieces in the collection.

I don’t like how the cut is, its like too big and it will require someone like me who is short petite 5 foot tall to buy over $200-400 of product here and then spend an additional out of pocket expense on top of that to hem or alter by a professional tailor.

Umm…who has time for that?  When customers buy something they don’t like to do extra stuff that they don’t have to they just want their item shipped and ready made to fit.

These pieces are not designed to fit everyones body type or their budget, your average small, medium and large is different (See CAbi size chart below) because they are made overseas.

There are no petite sizes, no tall, or even plus sizes so that is something you will run into as a sales objection.

The more questions I had the more I wanted to find out the right information to best help you if your struggling to build this as a home based business.

CAbi Review | How To Get Started In CAbi


Your first step to get started in CAbi is to sign up as a consultant or upgrade from a customer to a consultant by investing into your wardrobe business kit.

Your investment will cover the cost to get your inventory started so that you have enough product on hand to resell.

For your investment of $2,500 to start a CAbi business you will get:

  • 80-120 pieces for your collection depending on the season
  • A few marketing materials and getting started guides

This investment doesn’t include the additional cost of marketing materials, supplies, and training that you will have to pay out of pocket when you go to the company meetings.

Here is how it is practically laid out:

Your Investment

$3,200 – Sales from Selling Seasonal Inventory minus the $2,500 of the cost of Next Season’s Inventory and minus an additional cost of $700 for Marketing Materials, Training, etc. The company emphasis is that you follow what they set up for you that you won’t have to spend more than what you invested because what you make you will be be rolling back into your business.

CAbi Review | Do’s In Marketing CAbi

  • Do have a CAbi Size Chart with you at all times especially if your are hosting a trunk show.  There are going to be customers there who’s sizes will not match so be preparred to tell them the truth that the outfits will or will not fit without it getting tailored to their body type.

Here is a size chart for CAbi Fashions


Size Bust Waist Hips
0 31½ 23 34½
2 33 25½ 36
4 34½ 27 37½
6 35½ 28 38½
8 36½ 29 39½
10 37½ 30 40½
12 39 31½ 42
14 40½ 33 43½
16 42½ 35 45½


Size Waist Hips
0 23 34½
2 25½ 36
4 27 37½
6 28 38½
8 29 39½
10 30 40½
12 31½ 42
14 33 43½
16 35 45½
Length Inseam
Regular 31½ – 32
Long 34 – 35½



Size Bust Waist Hips
0 31½ 23 34½
2 33 25½ 36
4 34½ 27 37½
6 35½ 28 38½
8 36½ 29 39½
10 37½ 30 40½
12 39 31½ 42
14 40½ 33 43½
16 42½ 35 45½



Size Bust Waist Hips
0 31½ 23 34½
2 33 25½ 36
4 34½ 27 37½
6 35½ 28 38½
8 36½ 29 39½
10 37½ 30 40½
12 39 31½ 42
14 40½ 33 43½
16 42½ 35 45½
  • Do organize your business and keep all your sales and marketing materials in a binder.
  • Do organize your trunk show items before and after the trunk show, no one likes to waste time searching through a pile of clothes.
  • Do steam and keep your clothes for demonstrations clean because presentation is everything in this business.
  • Do take action and build your sales team to success by sharing with them what is working for you and getting you results.
  • Do be transparent and share your “Why”story.
  • Do have fun and be creative with this fashion business.
  • Do focus on building your leadership mindset and take necessary action.
  • Do treat your CAbi business like a six figure business.
  • Do learn internet marketing so you can outdo your competition.
  • Do have a marketing plan and budget in place for your CAbi business.
  • Do learn how to build your own list.

CAbi Review | Don’ts In Marketing CAbi

  • Don’t push CAbi by spamming everyone on social media.
  • Don’t chase friends and family to come to your home party.
  • Don’t cold call people out of the phone book.
  • Don’t treat your CAbi business like a hobby or you will earn hobby type of income.
  • Don’t work your CAbi business without a plan of action.
  • Don’t just work a few parties a month the key is consistency.
  • Don’t expect overnight success, it is not a get rich quick.

CAbi Review | Conclusion

There is potential as far as marketing and selling CAbi but the ROI (Return On Investment) doesn’t make you a whole lot of money that will sustain your business longer. This is one of the main problems most marketers fail in home party plan businesses because they follow the traditional broken business model.

If you truly want to be success with CAbi in today’s market place then one of the ways is to leverage video marketing and list building.  Right now there are reps who are making videos of their first Trunk Shows and winging it.  You have an advantage if you really want the success results through learning proper digital marketing education and generate actual leads to your primary business.

See you on the next post!

Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman


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