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Enagic Review | If Your Thinking About Joining Enagic Read This First

In this unbiased Enagic Review we are going to share some valuable facts which will help you determine if this business is for you or not.  Read more…!

Enagic Review | The Enagic Story Business

The company is owned and run by President and CEO, Mr. Hironari Oshiro. The Enagic business has a solid foundation that is built in a Japanese market. The company has a proven product that works, and the business is not considered to be MLM, but a true direct sales program with a higher profit earning per sale.

The company is located in Gardena California and here is closer look of the front building taken by Google Maps.


The product is rights reserved as Kangen Water and is a registered trademark of the Enagic Company since 2003, therefore the location checks out.

If you are wondering if this company has good business ethics so far the Better Business Bureau has rated them with an A.


Enagic Review | What is Enagic Kangen Water?

Enagic Kangen Water device such as the SD501, which is the best selling water filtration device in the company. The price of this device retails for $3,980 The way to install it is compatible with most standard sink faucets.

The way it works is when you turn on the faucet you have a dial that can be turned to the spray, the fast water, and then the Kangen Enagic setting.

The water is then going to go through a double carbon anti-bacterial filter that is going to sterilize the water and clean it.

The next thing that happens is the water is going to go through seven platinum coated titanium plates and then the water is going to split from one side for good water to use and the other side for bad water to be discarded from the silver bottom tube of the device.

If you look at the device, you will notice how the unit will make different types of water which are color categorized for easy recognition by the colors of Purple, Green, Yellow and Orange.

For drinking water, you can press the purple button up to 3 times and choose either DRINK 1 for pH8.5, DRINK 2 for pH9.0, or DRINK 3 for pH9.5.

For clean water to drink with your medications, press the green button, and this will set the water to a pH7.0.

The most favorite setting for skincare is called “Beauty Water” and is the yellow button that has a setting of a pH5.5 to the water.

This beauty water is a favorite setting because it can make unlimited amounts of facial toner right out of the water from your faucet that you can fill up in small spray bottles.

When you press the orange button then the device is going to produce two types of water, one is the strong acidic water at the pH2.5 and the other is going to come out the white tube with a pH11.5 that can be used to clean your fruits and vegetables as well as put into a cleaning spray bottle for all purpose cleaning.

The unit has a self-cleaning feature and it is designed to last over 25 years.

It is best recommended in the beginning as your first getting used to the device to start drinking the DRINK 1 for pH8.5 and then one week later you can gradually go all the way up to the 9.0 or 9.5.

There are four side effects of drinking this water that you should know about, and it may or may not pass but its essential information to know.

Some distributors of Enagic Kangen Water focus so much on selling the device they fail to release this bit of information to customers, so we are putting it here for you since we tried Kangen water ourselves by a close friend who approached us with the opportunity.

  1. 30 Second Brain Hydration ~ which means that this type of filtered water is micro cluster and what happens is people tend to get a head rush that is totally normal and goes away within a few seconds.
  2. Detoxify ~ which means this water when consumed is going to clean your body that will make you go to the bathroom more than usual in the beginning.
  3. Sleep Better ~ which means you will notice you are sleeping much deeper and the reason this happens is because this water hydrates your brain.
  4. Increased Energy ~ which means your overall energy is going to feel incredible naturally just from drinking this water.

Enagic Review | The Enagic Compensation Plan

Enagic has a 8 point direct sales commission system that is over and down compared to the traditional MLM business model. The company doesn’t pay you for recruiting people you get paid only if you sell the products.

The program features and benefits include:

No sign-up fee
No monthly qualifications
No stocking/loading inventory
No annual renewal
Accumulative sales
Internation sponsoring
Six ways to earn income
Get paid daily

Each time there is a sale you get paid $285, when you sell your 2nd unit you are another $285 and when you sell your 3rd unit you earn $570 7 levels down.

The higher you rank, the more commission you will earn on each sale.

Now this might be confusing so the best way to look at this compensation plan is for you to review it yourself so you can download the full Enagic Compensation Plan PDF here.

Most of the people who join this type of business end up relying on old school MLM marketing methods which do not work 100% for every marketer.

Typically they purchase the Kangen Water unit for themselves and run a few water tasting home parties to start getting sales if any.

Top Enagic marketers are growing their business much faster by doing things differently because they took the time to invest in themselves to learn internet marketing, so they don’t have to rely on the old school MLM marketing tactics.

Enagic Review | Conclusion

It’s great to have a flagship product, but the real problem is how are you supposed to sell something in such a high competitive market?  You think building your business is about giving people a sample of gallon water every time is going to cut it you got another thing to worry about.

Once we reviewed the compensation plan ourselves we saw that the potential to make money is there but we realize the business program is not for everyone, and that is a the dilemma you must face when you join Enagic as a distributor.

So then now your left with a decision, either  option A) you keep trying to sell a business opportunity the same way where you keep getting no’s by people who aren’t interested and leaving money on the table or option B) you learn of a smarter way to grow your own list of interested prospects as leads and build your Enagic business online.

This is the best strategy for you if you plan to move forward with building your Enagic business, you will get the best results and you will learn how to build a profitable business.

See you on the next post!

Anastacia Hauldridge and Rich Guzman

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