Fast Blogging – The Best Way To Writing Blog Posts Faster

In today’s blog I am going to share a quick tip on faster blogging without having to spend hours to get it up and published.

Watch this video!

Faster Blogging

So basically you want to set 25 minutes using either the timer on your smartphone, Amazon Alexa Echo, Google Moment or the free Pomodoro Timer from Google Chrome Extension Store.

This is the time block you want to use to do the necessary research for your article.

Once that timer goes off take a break and set another timer for 25 minutes again and this time you want to open up your Notepad desktop app and right click to open 4 of them as I explained and demonstrated in the video.

Each notepad you want to create a template for your blogging so you can open these files every time you want to write your blog posts faster or do it on the fly.

The first notepad should be titled Headline and Tags whereas you are going to type out the name of your blog post and include the keywords and tags for your post.

The second notepad should be titled Introduction whereas you are going to type out the introduction of what your blog post is about and what your reader is going to learn.

The third notepad should be titled body and this is where your entire content the meat of your article is going to be typed into.

Last but not least your fourth notepad is where you are going to title Signature/Call To Action (CTA) and this is where you will include your code for your signature and photo as well as your call to action phrase.

Once you have all this information you are now ready to copy and paste from each notepad and fill in the blanks of your blog post draft area.

Fast Blogging | Conclusion

I would recommend that if you are going to use the same Call To Action or Signature Text Code to save this as your template so that way you don’t have to constantly upload media and text each time you write your blog post.

I’d love to hear your feedback and if you got value from today’s blog post on Fast Blogging? I love to know so dish it out with me in the comments below.



Your friends and mentors,

Ace and Rich Guzman

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