free traffic vs paid traffic

Free Traffic Vs Paid Traffic

In today’s blog post, we are going to provide you some training about Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic while you are new to building a business online.

Here’s the truth about building a online business, you need LEADS! Period. Without leads your business online will suffer and deteriorate because that is what drives the business to success.

Leads are the lifeblood of your business and that means if you aren’t generating 50-100 leads a day in your business then you aren’t running a business.

For us we broke through our success with learning Solo Ads and we are glad to have invested in our own intellectual capital to learn the formula of marketing with solo ads as a form of paid traffic.

See our niche has shifted since the last time we last written our reviews on different MLM companies, products and services back in 2016.

Now we are marketing within a niche called “Make Money Online” and we understand how to market our offer to that market effectively all online vs MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing in person with home parties.

So if you are in the industry of promoting your offer to the Make Money Online Niche or want to dive into it deeper like we did to mastery then the Solo Ad Success Formula is for you.

Just know that whether you decide to market your business with Solo Ads or not it all boils  down to knowing who you are talking to in your marketing and where those prospects are hanging out at online.

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