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Gold Canyon Review : Everything You Need To Know Before Joining

In today’s Gold Canyon Review post, I am going to share an unbiased view of the Gold Canyon business opportunity.

Now before I continue here is a Gold Canyon Review Disclaimer: Any information, advice, and opinions in this review are based on our own combined 30+ years of home based business industry experience and business success with digital marketing.

We are in no way consultants with the Gold Canyon and therefore if you like to join the business opportunity be sure to get back together with the consultant who presented it first or if you need to find a local consultant in your region visit their corporate website at

Gold Canyon Review | What Is Gold Canyon?

The company known as Gold Canyon was founded by Curt and Karen Waisath in 1997, and is a leading candle, scented jewelry, and home decor home party plan company.

Gold Canyon is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona and the CEO is Thomas Kelly and the company also specializes in raising funds for charity and school fundraisers.

The company offers its customers more than just candles in a jar that not only smell good but also decorative home decor and personal scented jewelry.

Currently the Gold Canyon company has consultants distributing their products within the continental United States throughout Canada.

The company has been featured on Fox News, San Tan Sun News and recognized in the Direct Selling News Magazine.

Gold Canyon Review | The Gold Canyon Products

The Gold Canyon lifestyle is more about being stylish purchasing home fragrance products such as vases, decorative pillows and throws, scented candles, and jewelry.

What makes these candles so special are the variety of benefits such as giving away as a great gift, over 15 different fragrances to choose from, affordable and very stylish.

Each of these candles contain a cool-burning wax, safety wicks, and maximum fragrance throw.

Maximum fragrance throw means the scent can be smelled through the zone of the area the candle is lit but not too over powering on the nose.

Customers already are in love with Gold Canyon candles and have even shared their experience through their testimonials and photos on Pinterest and Instagram.

Gold Canyon Review | The Gold Canyon Compensation Plan

This company has the vision and mission to empower women to stay at home just like Karen Waisath did.

If you want to start earning extra income from selling these products then you would need to become a Gold Canyon consultant.

Becoming a Gold Canyon consultant is simple and it’s pretty straight forward.

Step 1. You become a consultant by signing up with the Gold Canyon representative (Sponsor) who introduced the business opportunity to you.

Step 2. You purchase your getting started pack which is valued at over $260 worth of products you pay only $99.

This getting started kit includes the products, sales tools and marketing materials like brochures and catalog, guides, and order forms.

Step 3. Get together with our sponsor and schedule your first hostess candle parties in your calendar.

Step 4. Make a list of all the people you feel would love the products and invite your guests.

Step 5. Collect orders.

The potential to earn varies but you can earn 25-36% commission.

Download: To read the full Gold Canyon Compensation Plan

Gold Canyon Review | Pros Vs Cons


Selling high quality candles
Scentend beautifully throughout out the area of your home
Best scented candles compared to competitor brands
Must be at least 18 years old to be a consultant
Fast delivery
Earn hostess rewards and bonus gifts
90 day Refund policy for defective products only
Lucrative compensation plan


These candles tend to cause soot problems
A bit of a little maintenance with trimming (not many customers like that)
Scented beautifully throughout the area of your home
The jars do get hot use caution around kids and pets
Host home parties can be stressful in the beginning
Can take many years to build a six figure income due to the low retention rate
Hard to keep monthly customers shopping consistently
It’s a me too type of product which means the competition is fierce for way less than what it cost to purchase a similar candle with another brand.
Paraffin wax is not safe to burn compared to a soy based candle.

Gold Canyon Review | Conclusion

Most people who are involved in these types of at home business opportunities like Gold Canyon is because of the first experience in using the product.

That’s what happened to me when I first got started in direct sales with home party plan programs and other network marketing opportunities.

I was taught by my sponsor to write up a list of 100-200 friends and family and start creating invitations to send to as many people I feel is right for this business or would want to use the product.

This wasn’t the greatest coaching advice instead it caused me nothing but embarrassment and burn out. If I knew then what I know now about really how to make money on the internet and doing it from home legitimately then

I would be leveraging the exact system and combining it with Gold Canyon to get the maximum results.

Think about how many people it will take to earn say $1,000 per month from this type of compensation plan. You will need to host a bunch of candle parties every 3-4 times a week to break even.

But who has this kind of time, most of the prospective representatives of this company who are happy and having great success have done with being smart working online marketers, leveraging time by using social

media and building their own list of leads.

I have coached many new marketers who went from stuck, struggling, and overwhelmed to learning list building with our exact system and strategies. You can listen to our top students and clients testimonials here if

you doubt that what we are saying here is true or not.

I trust this review was helpful and if you are or aren’t having success with Gold Canyon as a business please share your experience with us.


Anastacia Hauldridge and Rich Guzman

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