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How To Use Your Facebook Business Page

How To Use Your Facebook Business Page

So you got a facebook account and you have exceed your friend count or maybe you want to create a fan page to share your business news.

Cool! and the best way to increase your friend count and brand awareness is to have your very own Facebook business page.

But you need to learn exactly how to use it the way marketers use it to drive traffic, leads, and convert them into sales.

facebook business page

Today we want to teach you how to use your Facebook business page to attract customers and increase your sales.  Read more…!

Facebook makes it very easy to find like-minded people who are interested in various things on the web.

The number one problem we see many people do with their Facebook Marketing is they tend to blast spam messages and images to their network of friends about buying their products or services too dam much. Almost every message you see online is about buying their stuff… just literally begging people to buy from them.

Okay if you are reading this post and are guilty of doing this type of marketing we urge you to STOP! right now.  This is not going to help you learn marketing nor will it help you gain any type of credibility or respect.

The fact is my friend you can have a business online but the way you market that business is based on your skills and strategy. We been working with a client here in our town and they are just now starting to get the understanding of how to run a business online.

You have to understand how to create a Facebook business page first and learn the marketing skills that is going to attract the right quality of prospects to your business. At the end of the day your job as a digital marketer is to provide people with value based content that will educate them and make a difference in their lives.

Will it be hard? you ask.

Keeping it real …Yes, you will go through confusion, frustration, and worry about all the mistakes you are making but that is all apart of the process of learning. Certainly you don’t give up after your first coffee tongue burn right? No. You learn to blow the heat off of the cup of coffee and wait when the temperature is just right for the perfect sip.

In the beginning of learning these marketing skills you will encounter many challenges but then once you overcome them through testing, tweaking and being consistent you will get results.

Do not think for two seconds you are going to be an overnight success if you pour all your money into just 1-2 marketing campaigns on Facebook because that is not how this works.

Facebook Business Page Tips Revealed

First of all, start with creating a brand new Facebook Business Page or Fan Page just for your business. You want to name the Facebook fan page by your brand or business trade name.


Make sure when you create your Facebook Business Page that you use high quality and professional photos. If you own a HD digital camera and like to ask a friend to take pictures of you that would work just as good. A great resource we recommend to get a nice cover made on a low-budget is through a website service called Fiverr. Now if you have a graphic artist background you can make it yourself.


Always have a detailed description in your about section this way people who are viewing your profile can learn more about what your experience and mission is in the business you market.

Use a Woobox App within Facebook which can be found in the Apps area in your settings panel. This is going to allow you to add html pages, opt in forms, images, videos, coupons, and more.


Learn Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click) this is a paid marketing traffic skill that requires a small investment but you can scale it up.  Brand yourself and create a wider net with your content by featuring advertisements with you in the photo as much as possible. The more you brand yourself the more people will become attracted to you and what you have to offer.

You can share on the wall of your Facebook Business Page content that is in demand in your niche with value such as; blog posts, articles, videos, and anything that is educational that builds up value in your viewers eyes.

If you’re using links in your messages be sure to place them sparingly and not spam all your links in one place. Keep your content short and simple, don’t write a long biography as to why people should do business with you because that is a turn off.

If your niche market is weight loss then you want to have a fan page with only content that is for Fitness and Nutrition. If your market is related to becoming a vegetarian then post content about cooking, recipes, and how to enjoy life as a vegetarian. If you own a local small business like a pet fish store then you want to post helpful content relevant to the care and maintenance of the fish and aquarium.

If you received value from this post, please take a moment to leave us a comment below and share this post with your friends!


See you on the next post,


Ace & Rich Guzman


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