iGrow Network Review | Pros Vs Cons of iGrow Network As An Associate

In this unbiased iGrow Network Review we are going to share some helpful information that will inform on the pros and cons of joining iGrow Network. Read more…!

iGrow Network Review | About iGrow Network

The revamped social network marketing company known as iGrow Network is founded by CEO Mr. Michael Green. Michael Green was the Vice President of the failed company Leafit and has been involved with the direct sales industry for longer than 20 years.

It was referred by another web source regarding that Michael Green was apart of Darren Miller’s organization and that Darren is one of the people who got a huge payout in Zeek Rewards. So if you don’t know who Michael Green is here is his LinkedIn profile.


Back in 2012, the company known as Leafit completely failed and the affiliates in the company were notified with an announcement on the website that the product was no longer available and it has a new identity.


The app to market is known as “it”, and it has the capability to pay you commission as an affiliate for posting and sharing things you would want to buy or already bought and the app is free.

Click to download the full iGrow Network Compensation Plan for your own review.

iGrow Network Review | Pros of iGrow University

The benefits of joining iGrow Network is getting the training within the back office of the iGrow Universtity such as:

Watch and learn from recorded videos that is over 100 hours of usable training to help you promote the product.
Learn to launch and manage successful marketing campaigns on Social Media
Leadership, sales and marketing
You get to learn at your own pace
One click sharing
Text Messaging
Mobile App Builder
Email and Social tools
Marketing automation tools
Facebook posting tools
Has a 3 X 9 Forced Matrix
Paid weekly starting in your 2nd month
Paid based on team volume from your personal team

iGrow Network Review | Cons of iGrow University

  • This social network doesn’t pay enough because your looking at a low of $2 up to $5 on affiliate commission override
  • Commission is earned based on recruiting others as paid affiliates
  • $50 a month to become an affiliate is difficult to maintain if your earning peanuts for selling memberships
  • Business plan similar to the failed company Leafit which is destined for the same outcome

iGrow Network Review | Conclusion

We are not affiliated with iGrow Network but we are pro marketers ourselves and have enough experience to know what is working right now and what is not.

Based on everything we have evaluated after getting approached with this offer to join under a fellow friend from Facebook we decided this business opportunity is not for us.

The reason why is because there truly is no opportunity here to make a significant amount of income as they paint the picture so easily.  We noticed how so many affiliates are just using this phone app to hope to get rich by posting up “Wish lists” of very expensive items they hope someone would buy.

For example some It affiliates are posting up Louis Vuitton shoes and sharing it with their Facebook circle of online friends.  Now according to the plan by iGrow they are teaching this as a marketing strategy to target higher paying customers but there is a problem with this as a strategy.

Not everyone has Louis Vuitton money in your circle of influence which is why it can be a waste of time.

Second, with the amount of commission that is being paid out a complete newbie is not going to earn enough to maintain that $50 per monthly fee to keep themselves in business.

It’s take a while to build a following, it takes a while to drive the right target type of traffic and it all takes the right skills to do this from a digital marketers point of view.

Unless you have several hundred dollars to put into the Facebook advertising to target specific leads for iGrow Network that is the fastest way to build it as a business.

We all know that is not the case for everyone who is approached with this opportunity so they are forced to join under the assumption that it is easy to build as a home based business when that’s entirely false.

Even the biased affiliates reviews on the web say that iGrow Network is the best thing since sliced bread and that it is totally easy to sell but its really not because there are so many more cons you will encounter later they won’t share with you.

The truth is the affiliates who will do great are the experienced network marketers who have huge lists and the numbers they have been building from like a few years ago because they can recruit as many people in iGrow Network faster than someone who is brand new.

This is the key to building any business no matter what company, niche, product, service, or opportunity because all you need is your own list. Without a list of your own you can’t grow a business on the internet because then you will be relying on building mostly offline and that can be very frustrating.

Think about what they are teaching you and if you hear any advice stating that you got to share a mobile phone app with as many people on the internet and offline with friends then your being taught the wrong information.

The last thing you want to be taught is lessons from theory and hype not based on actual testing from the marketplace.

Where is the real social proof?  iGrow Network doesn’t have that to show until they see you share with them what your doing that is getting results.

So if you want achieve success with this as a business then don’t focus on what is being taught in the box that comes with the business opportunity you know, focus on list building and marketing to your specific market.

Then you will see the results if whether or not this business is worth the run or find something else that will pay you way more in profit versus you working for peanut size commissions as an affiliate marketer.

There is much more we can show you and teach you about how to properly market yourself around your business but you gotta make the move to learn the skills.

If you are in iGrow Network and are having or not having success with the program share your experience here in the comments below, we love to hear what type of results you are having.


See you on the next post!

See you on the next post!


Ace & Rich Guzman


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5 thoughts on “iGrow Network Review | Pros Vs Cons of iGrow Network As An Associate”

  1. Well, I really, really wanted to read this review when I received the link from a F/B friend, but to be honest, you have disappointed me with your research and your opinions. First off Lawrence Sowell is the Founder of iGrow Network. He is also the mastermind behind building the first social/e-commerce network to date as far as I know. There are Patents Pending on a lot of the technology that went into this Network. Michael Green came along first as an Associate and then replaced the original CEO. At that time the company made a very smart strategic move and separated the Social Network form the iGrow Network. Leafit and its basic format was changed, for the better in my opinion, and is becoming an entity all on its own with the main growth coming organically. There is money to be made on Savings, by having products sourced for the lowest price and also from commissions you can make from your own purchases plus that of the first person you introduce to “it”. Not a huge amount of money, but hey “it” is FREE TO JOIN! To me that’s all pro. The only cons I see is that “it” is new and is having growing pains getting the total Network up to speed as quickly as we would all like.
    As far as your comments on iGrow, I’m sorry to say you missed a page or two in your research (your bad). The University is now in the background and on September 21, if not sooner, they are rolling out a new program called “SPEED” to replace it as the GO TO product for Associates. You will have to do your own research on that because it involves a much more complex explanation then I am adequately equipped to give you here.
    As far as earning a sustainable income for newbies on the iGrow side I do agree with your assessment 100%. Too little for too much effort. I don’t know if that will change or not, only time will tell! I certainly hope so!
    On a personal note, I am in this for the long haul and betting my $$ on the success of the “it” Social Network. Recently I was told that we have well over 20,000 “it” users and that number is growing steadily. This has been accomplished in just under 3 months from going ‘live’. Organic traffic is going to be the key to success for our Social Network and if SPEED delivers the ‘How To’ for this, we will be on our way.
    Also on a personal note, you paint an extremely unjustifiable, unfair (borderline slanderous) unprofessional picture of our CEO Michael Green, by actually having the audacity to put into print a “RUMOUR” that you associate with him, with no facts or qualified validation from anywhere. Your bad again. In my opinion, again, you should be ABOVE THAT!
    That’s it from me. I am and will continue to be a strong supporter of “it” and an anxious member looking forward to the roll-out of ‘SPEED’.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings and I truly do hope you will be kind enough to respond to it.
    Chet Cowie

    1. Isn’t that interesting… You criticized alot of my words here and labeled me as a bad writer and bad researcher. Truth to be told here is my research comes from current information that is available to the public online and including my own experience in reviewing the presentation to join iGrow Network which as I said didn’t appeal to me as a worthy opportunity to invest my time or money in.

      As for having the audacity to write about the CEO and…yes, I read your comment carefully and even went back to my post to re-verify what I written so I apologize that statement wasn’t to come out like that.

      It was referred by another web source regarding that Michael Green was apart of Darren Miller’s organization and that Darren is one of the people who got a huge payout in Zeek Rewards.

      So I will replace that statement with this edit because you are right we can’t put into writing about rumors without proof. So that now we are clear this is an unbiased review and I do not associate with iGrowNetwork, Leaftit, or Michael Green.

      Lawrence Sowell is the founder of “iT” and I knew that already because I remember the launch of Leafit app and he was the one presenting on the video intro I watched. I believe he is still working mostly in the Asian countries to expand distribution for the company, but based on the information I read on the iGrowNetwork.com website it states that Michael Green is the CEO and Vaughn Tarver is the Master Associate.

      On my personal note, Hey I don’t take anything personal you are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine and I welcome this from all our readers. Without this kind of feedback bloggers, writers, and authors wouldn’t know what to give the reader in future postings and so thanks for being yourself.

      You say you are happy and are willing to run the race to earn money with this as a business then go for it! In fact here is a challenge for you… I love to know more about how you are succeeding in iGrowNetwork and invite you to come back here to this post to share your results both good and bad because I don’t see your “Ramblings” as a nuisance I see that as a strength in you just keeping it real.

      I know I will never lose that ability to keep it real and encourage you to do the same.

      All the best to you Chet!
      ~ Ace

      1. Ace,

        “My Bad” and “Your Bad” are just phrases I’ve used to describe some information that wasn’t 100% accurate or slightly off base or just a plain mistake. I don’t think I criticized a lot of your words and I most definitely did not label you as bad writer or bad researcher. That is not my style, nor are you bad at either.

        Unfortunately when you did your research Mr. Green was the CEO but to the best of my recollection Mike was promoted to this position during the last 12 months that I have belonged. There were other people, who I do not feel comfortable naming in this space, that were involved, but Lawrence is the brainchild, mover and shaker of this Company, in my humble opinion.

        I did not say “I was happy and willing to run the race to earn money”. You have really twisted my words here Ace! I said “As far as earning a sustainable income for newbies on the iGrow side I do agree with your assessment 100%. Too little for too much effort. I don’t know if that will change or not, only time will tell! I certainly hope so!

        I also said “On a personal note, I am in this for the long haul and betting my $$ on the success of the “it” Social Network.” Given the right nurturing, leadership, development and keeping “it” ORGANIC and separate from the MLM iGrow Network should only see it continue to grow and blossom. The other BIG guy has gotten totally out of control with it’s monopoly position and shows no regard for pornographic content or it’s customer base and has a bias against anyone coming along with an idea and/or a format that is better than theirs, but are absolutely no threat to their business at all. So yes I’m hoping and betting on “it”, for all of us, not just myself.

        I appreciate your feedback, compliments and criticisms and I thank you for them. I’d like to counter your challenge with one of my own. Take this old man on as an intern and teach me how to build Traffic, how to attract loyal customers and how to build a sustainable internet business. All the does and don’t s. Maybe I’m wrong about “it”, but I honestly and sincerely hope I’m not.

        Am I keeping it real still?


        1. I joined grow network then did some digging only to find this company has failed before changed names and started again that being said this is the third time around. It has no product and it set up based on recruitment and according to the federal trade commission is set up as a ponzi pyramid scheme

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