internet marketing success plan

Internet Marketing Success Plan SECRETS Revealed

Internet Marketing Success Plan SECRETS Revealed

Do you have an Internet Marketing Success Plan?

Would you like to know how to create a internet marketing success plan for your type of business?

Do you even know where to start looking for qualified leads?

Let’s discuss this further…


internet marketing success plan

If you are in business then you should already have a Internet Marketing Success Plan to guide you. Read more…!

When it comes to having a small business it is best recommended by the Small Business Administration to have a business plan that basically maps out what you will see happen for your company in the next 3-5 years if successful.

Not all business owners know how to write one up but that is why there are free resources online to help you get it started.

That’s more for traditional brick and mortar business types but as a independent contractor within the Network Marketing industry you are going to have to have a internet marketing success plan to keep you focused and on the right track.

Now you might be reading this and thinking that you don’t really need one and that you rather rely on your company’s weekly calls or up-line for support but that is not always 100% effective in helping you.

The only way it is going to work is when you put together a outline of every task required of you to do and in full detail so you know exactly what is going on in your business.

The reason most Network Marketers fail in the home based business industry is because they think they know it all or they rather have someone tell them what to do or they just don’t really care by treating their business as a hobby.

Listen, I know how difficult it can be to build a home based business without a step-by-step blueprint like the pros have.

Your basically wandering off lost in the field and trying to do everything you can possibly think is going to bring you customers and sales but end up frustrated.

Internet Marketing Success Plan | The Basics

We are going to help you today with a basic internet marketing success plan so you can get a general idea of how to structure it for your type of business.

Okay so the best way I can explain this to you is for me to share with you exactly what I do for our affiliate business.

On your computer or sheet of paper you want to write down a list of tasks you must do for the day during your business hours.

I like to work in blocks of time of 30 Minutes to 1 Hour to do my tasks for the day.

Actually I have this all planned out in my Google Calendar and sync it to my smartphone to remind me what I must be working on daily.

Tasks are action steps that will help your business or what it is we call “Money Producing Activities”.

Sometimes I ask my students if they are doing their Money Producing Activities and they would say they spent most of the day on social media chit chatting for hours with their online contacts about their business opportunity.

Truth be told that is not a Money Producing Activity that is just busy work, so don’t get it twisted

NOT a Money Producing Activity:

  • Spending too much time browsing the internet
  • Spending time watching videos on YouTube
  • Organizing your desk, home, etc.
  • Cleaning or cooking during business hours
  • Chasing the same prospects from your contact list
  • Checking your email
  • Chatting in Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Instagram

IS a Money Producing Activity:

1. Connecting and building your own list! (Excluding Contact Names List not the same)
2.Prospecting by writing content that is niche related, recording a video or recording a podcast.
3. Following up with your leads either online or offline by making contact through a call or video conference in Skype
4. Training your team and teaching them what works and what doesn’t
5. Tracking your results such as lead generation locations, advertising campaigns, click through rate, and call to actions.

Internet Marketing Success Plan | Getting Started

So now that you know the difference of what should be included into your internet marketing success plan let’s go over the type of tasks we do ourselves that produces results.

Keep in mind that these tasks are coming from our own success and may or may not be for your business unless you test it out yourself as well as have the skillsets of digital marketing.  It may seem like a little but it’s alot of ROI for us because the type of business we are involved in doesn’t require us to prospect or chase people.  We leverage the power of blogging to generate our leads and do paid marketing to drive traffic to our affiliate products.

The beauty about all of this is we are not with a MLM so it’s a much better way to make money online by doing less work and earning higher profits. If you like to know more just ask us we will be happy to share some information.

Okay, let’s not get side tracked here is basically what tasks you should do daily.

1. Write at least 1-2 blog posts per day. If you have a blog you can write up to 2 posts especially if your brand new to blogging on your platform and have no traffic coming in yet. If you do have traffic then it is okay to write one blog post each day consistently.

[Tweet “Blogging is like having little soldiers in the field working while your asleep!”]

We teach blogging skills as a form of lead generation to all of our students so that they are prepared to take on the challenges of becoming a professional digital marketer.

The power of blogging daily will help build your backlinks to the website, establish the authority in the search engines, and give value to your readers.

If writing a blog post or article is not for you then the other type of blogging is “Video Marketing” where you produce 1-2 videos a day on your own YouTube Channel.

How do you do that? You asked.

Well you want to keep it simple in the beginning and just record videos using your flip cam, smart phone camera, webcam, or Go Pro of self-help videos, how to’s, rants, reviews, online business tutorials, special events and travel experiences.

2. Set aside a block of time each day to visit other high authority bloggers and write a comment after you read their articles. This helps with increasing engagement and helps you get a backlink to your blog.

Here’s a Tip! I can’t stress this tip enough but make sure that every account you have a profile with has a completed profile branded to you. Sometimes people just join a social networking platform like Facebook or Twitter and don’t finish the set up of a detailed bio about who they are and what there mission or slogan is.

How do you that? You asked.

Well you want to go to each social network profile and get everything completed as well as have congruent personal branding.

Facebook Timeline Cover
Image Credit: Anastacia “Ace” Hauldridge

For example: You should have a branded timeline cover on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and a nice profile head shot photo with completed bio.

If you enjoyed this post leave a comment below and share your thoughts about what you have included in your Internet Marketing Success Plan.

3. Get into PPC and test market your Ad Campaigns for your niche.

Think of paid marketing as a faster way to generate leads and sales versus free marketing which will take a little longer but both strategies work.

4. Review every month and keep track of your results with your trackers and autoresponder reports.


See you on the next post!


Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman


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