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Jewelry In Candles Review EXPOSED

Today’s Jewelry in Candles Review we are going to reveal the truth why consultants are not succeeding and what you can do to increase sales. Read more…!

Before I get into sharing with you why Jewelry In Candles sales consultants are not having much success in their home party candle business, let it be known we are not affiliated or recruiting for Jewelry In Candles. The information you are about to read is for educational purposes for those individuals involved in the home based business industry and not intended to bash this company, discredit its credibility or its successors. Therefore, if you like more information on the possibility of becoming a Jewelry In Candles representative we recommend you get back together with the person who introduced you to the opportunity.

{Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 6, 2015, and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness as of 11/26/2015.}

What Is Jewelry In Candles All About?

Jewelry In Candles Review | Pros Vs Cons


  • The company manufactures the products right here in the United States.
  • They use 100% soy wax to make the candles. Using soy wax is more economical because they will burn longer and its a safer way to breathe your candles.
  • As a customer or a consultant you can choose your jewelry type and the proper ring size compared to Diamond Candle you can’t pick your ring size.
  • Some of the mystery rings are valued anywhere from $10 up to $10,000.
  • Can be a great experience for gift giving when waiting with anticipation what kind of hidden jewelry will surface once the wax melts.
  • The jars that the candles are made in can be recycled and reused for holiday crafts, home decor, or drinking glasses.
  • They just added some body butter skin care products made with real natural ingredients to their line so I thought that was cool for a candle company.
  • JIC consultants earn up to 20% per candle sale.
  • 20% of the proceeds from the company sales is donated to their Dream Factory for children.


  • Some people have issues with delivery and shipping of their orders and it is the most reported issue by consumers to the Better Business Bureau Jewelry In Candles Report.
  • Not all the candle scents are pleasing which is expected because everyone does have different preferences and favorite scents.
  • If your candle reveals a piece of jewelry and you wear to the point it starts to turn green that is because it is not real gold or silver.
  • If the consumer is not burning the candles often then it becomes a non-consumable product and your left guessing when your customer is going to reorder another candle.
  • JIC consultants must sell consistently to several hundred customers in order to break even.
  • Some reps are not comfortable hosting home parties or hosting at trade show events because of the accrued costs and expenses that come with presentations.

Now that you know a little about what is Jewelry In Candles, I want to direct your attention to marketing it as a professional.  Many people have asked us to review the business opportunity so we are going to go even further and offer you some of our free coaching in this section.

Jewelry In Candles Review | Facebook Marketing What Works and What Doesn’t

Of all the Jewelry In Candles reviews I have read I noticed how everyone loves to talk about how great the product is but no one really is teaching actual business strategies that can help you increase more sales.

Let me ask you this question and be honest, if Jewelry In Candles is so great would you still be buying the candles if your weren’t getting paid to sell it?

I’m being serious…because that is how you must think as a serious business owner. There is nothing wrong with liking a product and sharing it with your friends, but if you are trying to market this product as serious business then you better have some kind of strategy versus just buying the candles each month and reselling them to your aunt and best friends for profit.

There are so many reasons why men and women selling Jewelry In Candles have been struggling to make sales on a consistent basis.

Most of them make the mistake of just posting status updates on their Facebook wall hoping it will bring hundreds of customers.

Here is screen shot of a 2 real time Jewelry In Candles marketer mistakes on social media networks like Facebook.


Can you find the marketing mistakes? In the first photo the person status says that she wants help in hosting 10 Jewelry In Candles parties this month and puts out so much info about the rewards and the percentages earned etc. This is considered too much info and is not sharing any value with the marketplace.


What about the next photo, did you see the marketing mistakes there? Okay, in this status the person starts off with a nice holiday greeting but…she then plasters the content of her product with too many hashtags. I have had success with hashtags in Instagram but doing it like this on Facebook is going overboard and not going to get you leads or sales.

Jewelry In Candles Review | 8 Reasons Jewelry In Candles Consultants Fail In The Business

  1. They don’t know much about marketing and advertising in today’s digital economy. ~ Most marketers online are still marketing with an old school marketing method because that is all they know.
  2. They are operating their Jewelry In Candles business blindly without a plan of action or DMO (Daily Method of Operation). ~ They don’t know where to start or even what tasks to do daily and they are not consistent in their actions.  We have met with actual former Jewelry In Candles consultants who expressed to us how the money they were making is not enough to sustain them in the business because of the lack of consistent sales and lack of enough leads. That is the same story we have heard over and over from our students in SFM who have been involved with MLM, Direct Sales, and Home Party Planning programs.
  3. They don’t have a marketing budget in place. ~ See when a new consultant joins any type of home based business or affiliate marketing program we strongly recommend they first have a marketing and advertising budget set aside as the first step.  These funds are not to be used for personal use and are to be used strictly for business expenses such as paid marketing, tools for your digital business, and to keep up with the fees and costs to run the business you are in.
  4. They don’t have the right mindset. ~ It’s a huge hit and miss if you just jump in a home based business and think that your going to be a success overnight selling your products. It going to require you to deprogram your old mindset and learn a new way of thinking entrepreneurially for success.
  5. They keep recruiting the wrong people, friends & family. ~ They keep recruiting unqualified people who have no home based business experience. Listen I have so many friends in my facebook too but I am not going to sit on the phone and call everyone from my high school yearbook that dates back 1998 to see if they would be interested in selling candles.  I’m being REAL with you, that is not a good strategy and if your are doing that it’s no wonder your not succeeding.   You must set aside in your game plan that you are going to just focus on money producing activities.
  6. They are not focused on money producing activities. ~ What does that mean? That means since you are involved in this type of business program such as Jewelry In Candles, you want to focus on the income producing activities like prospecting for new customers outside your warm market by building rapport and relationships, following up within 24 to 48 hours, training your new consultants to duplicate what you are doing, keeping good tracking records of your results, tweaking and making necessary improvements in your skillsets, that is going to become residual income to you.
  7. They don’t know how to train and grow serious sales teams that produce large volume sales. ~ Show me a leader that has never needed to train a single person in their business that is earning $10,000 a month. Whether you like to hear it or not you will have to recruit and train as many consultants as you can fit into your sales team if you are going to reach at least a six figure income status.  Before my partner Rich earned his six-figure status in the industry he spent so much time focusing on conducting team trainings and live conference calls that helped his team duplicate his success in becoming the top recruiting in his previous direct sales company.
  8. They limit themselves to just their current location to prospect. ~ Major set back, you never want to limit yourself to where you live to grow any type of business.  With the power of the internet, the potential combined with the right blueprint will get you to grow globally.

The only way to be successful in your Jewelry In Candles business to add a marketing strategy that will bring you an abundance of leads on a consistent basis but you must learn some new skill sets in order for it to work.

Jewelry in Candles Review | Conclusion

Here is the bottom line, if you are going to be running any kind of home based business or network marketing program, you got to learn simple and consistent daily disciplines to run a successful business.  Most of the 97% of people who are failing in the home based business industry because they bring that 9 to 5 mentality to their business, they aren’t used to not getting paid immediately like a regular job does with a steady paycheck and boss watching them.

What happens to you is you get all excited about this business and then when it is time to perform you end up quitting within your first month.  That is not the way to build a business and this is one of the reasons home party candle businesses have given people a bad taste in their mouths.  If they see you acting like this then how do you expect your prospects to take your type of business industry seriously?

Your an entrepreneur now so that mean you will have to become that entrepreneur that is responsible for your business.  Rich and I learned this valuable lesson when we got started in the network marketing industry, we failed so many times and them it hit us that we weren’t taking responsibility for our business.

If you like to know our success story you can read it here.

I love to know your thoughts about this post, if you are having or not having success with Jewelry In Candles share with us your experience in the comments below this post; we all can learn from a lot from each other and hopefully can work together in the future.

Did you get value from today’s post? Comment your thoughts and share this with your friends in Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Your friends and mentors,

Ace & Rich Guzman

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20 thoughts on “Jewelry In Candles Review EXPOSED”

  1. Davida Nadley Kelley

    I think everyone has lost their minds. What kind of company would be able to put a piece of jewelry in a 30.00 candle that is valued at more than 15.00 and be able to make a profit? Seriously…..I understand if they occasionally put a high end piece in there to get you to come back but as far as I’m concerned the candles themselves are worth the money, the jewelry is a bonus. Always someone looking to get something for nothing. I haven’t even burned mine yet and I’m already annoyed with the reviews. This is a small company that has grown significantly and simply can’t keep up with demand (hence the bbb reviews ). Support small businesses that manufacture in the USA and stop complaining that you didn’t get a 200.00 ring in a 30.00 candle. Jesus!

  2. Cj Lace, I was approached by a friend to sign up for JIC Rep so, do you like the company? Is it worth my time? Thanks for your input.

  3. Audrey Tello Guzmán

    Agreed! They promote the non-toxic, safe for allergy sufferers and those with asthma before anything else. PLUS, soy, farmed right here in America, hand poured by American workers by a company that has integrity and class.

  4. All in all, we like there candles, we just don’t like the business model, we seen to many people get hurt and old school methods simply don’t work as good as they used to. The business world is changing just look around you and you will see.

    1. As opposed to your business model, which is claim you are helping people with marketing, then once they are in, trying to sell them a piece of crap $2500 “pro” system? Of course scammers like you believe that telling to much info is bad. No one in there right mind would give you a second thought if they knew from the start you are peddling a second rate Tony Robbins wannabe motivation scam at vastly inflated prices. A legitimate company is not afraid to put the full details out in public. Super Affiliate Network doesn’t. You don’t hear about “going pro” until you start attending the webinars.

  5. I like Fragrant Jewels, not sure if they are affiliated with JIC. I love my ring, and even though it was valued at $10 according to their site, the silver is real. I know this A: because I have jewelry-making experience, and B: because I have a nickel-silver allergy. I have been wearing my ring for over a week and no allergic reaction. Plus it is really pretty. I think the idea is really cool, and it is fun to get surprise rings, and who doesn’t like great-smelling candles?

  6. I have been a rep for Jewelry in Candles since May 2014. They were just making a lot of changes and improvements at that time. I have never had an issue with shipping or the product. I have customers that purchase on a regular basis and they have had no complaints. The jewelry in our product is an added bonus and is good quality. I recently revealed a necklace that was valued at $295. JIC is growing everyday and we now offer over 90 different scents. Some people fail, not because of the company or the product, they fail because direct sales is not for everyone. You must know your product, love what you do and build relationships with people. Jewelry In Candles has wonderful training for us reps. Don’t knock it until you try it

  7. I read this review, or half hearted review mixed with a pitch by the author to sell his own product and learned nothing really. Then I read the comments and learned a whole lot. Seems customers love their jewelry in candles products so much they strongly defend it from any hint of negativity in the review. That says a lot to me right there. I don’t think I have ever spent time defending a company i have purchased products from. So this company is doing something right. I contacted one of their reps to get more info and learned a lot more than i even care to know about quality toxic free candles made of soy & essential oils. Like that soy wax comes off of carpet unlike regular wax! that is some kind of magic i am sure. The rep was so helpful and the product sounded good and they even have a jewelry exchange policy, so if you don’t like the jewelry you get you can send it back for another kind! I was sold. I ordered. 7 days later I got my candle and i was not disappointed. Beautiful designed lable, mouth watering scent that fills the whole living room and can faintly be smelled the next day when i came home from burning it the day before. The jewelry was pretty nice, granted i know nothing about jewelry but it was shinny and pretty and the lady i gave it to loved it and has worn it (neckless) every day since. So i thought I would come back here and write this review to add to the satisfied customers list lol. If you need any info or help i recommend Heather Yonce

  8. Melissa Stevens

    I actually don’t see it as bashing at all. I see his point. I’ve tried and failed many home based businesses. I personally think though that a perfect sale is you have to believe in the product you sell. I just bought a candle last night from JIC so obviously I haven’t received it yet. But I am going to be a rep either way because it’s a great product and I believe in it and I know I’ll so well with it once i get comfortable with it. I think it’s great to start with family and friends to perfect your skills but success doesn’t happen over night. I will succeed though.

  9. So, basically, you make a poorly researched “review” of all the different direct sales companies in a transparent attempt to sell some half-assed training system. If your skill at writing reviews is any indication of the quality of your “training”, I’ll pass.

    1. Wow, I just tossed my e-mail address in to see what you are hawking, and it isn’t even training that you wrote yourselves. You are just affiliates for one of those auto-pilot systems that make claims they cannot back up. While I have absolutely no interest in the Jewellery in a Candle product, at least they have an actual product. You don’t.

    2. Gloria Lawrence

      Yes it is to get you to buy their program. I am a rep for JIC. I have some very lovely pieces of jewelry from my candles. I have a necklace that is valued at $300 and have the papers from a jeweler stating it, $80 necklace, $120 infinity ring and Honora pearls worth $80. Not to shabby from $30 candles or $16 tarts. We have training calls all the time and a BO that is packed with training information. You get out of the company what you put into it. If interested in more information, please feel free to contact me

      1. I joined their system to check it out for the $1 trial. So basically there is a few lessons on using solo ads, and then, coincidentally, there are the solo ad lists that they recommend, who are probably affiliated with them. But the majority of the so-called training is “mindset” pep talks where they tell you to really show you are dedicated, you need to “go pro”, which means slapping down your credit card for a $2500 series of videos. I saw through the scam on day 2 and haven’t logged back in. Stay far away from Super Affiliate Network. They don’t, as they claim, actually help you market your current business. The whole thing is a sales funnel to pressure you into buying increasingly expensive training, each one claiming this is the true secret. Empower Network has already done this, and were more slick in their scam than these tools.

  10. Are you still a JIC Rep? My name is Jennifer and I am interested but would like to talk to someone that has been doing it for a while. If still selling please contact me so I can discuss potentials in selling for this company☺ thank you

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