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KEEP Collective Review | Can Anyone Make Money?

In today’s KEEP Collective Review, we are going to discuss what you must know about the company, products, and opportunity.

KEEP Collective Review Disclaimer: Any information, advice, and opinions in this review is based on our own combined 30+ years of home based business industry experience and success with online marketing. We are in no way consultants with the KEEP Collective company and therefore if you like to join the business be sure to get back together with the person who introduced you to the opportunity.

KEEP Collective Review | About KEEP Collective

The company known as KEEP Collective started in 2014 by founder and CEO, Jessica Herrin and are recognized as Stella & Dot LLC d/b/a Stella & Dot, KEEP Collective and EVER LLC. The company is focused on sharing a charm based jewelry business for women and is forecasted to make over 1 Billion dollars in revenue.

Currently, the estimated number of designers in the company are past 5,000 and the company does business within the continental United States through Canada. The CEO, Jessica Herrin has also been promoting KEEP Collective and was featured on the Today Show, WWD, ABC News, US Weekly, and Woman’s Day.

KEEP Collective Review | About Interchangeable Jewelry

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The KEEP Collective jewelry is all about the person expressing their feelings, wearing your passions and sharing those very special moments in life such as a new baby arrival, anniversary, wedding, birthday, or other special holiday memory.

This business started with the idea of creating keepsake and meaningful jewelry that reminds you of your kids, your wife or husband, your cat or dog, etc.

The charms and watch pieces are made of ionic plating which is the same materials used to make fine watches and made to last.

The bands come in a variety of rainbow colors and are made of leather or silicone. These bands are available to a single band or double band in different prints as well as textures.

You can shop by the type of jewelry or collection theme on their website including bands for specifically for men and even collars for your pet.

There is a standard shipping cost of $5.95 and it usually takes 1-2 business days to process your order in the warehouse which means your product will arrive within 3-5 business days.

KEEP Collective Review | The KEEP Collective Compensation Plan


If you like to start making money from home selling KEEP Collective you must first join as a KEEP Collective designer consultant. As a designer you can get started with your business from your business in a box, set your own hours and generate an additional stream of income.

Is it possible to make enough money to replace your full-time income with KEEP Collective? According to the company, the answer is yes they have some people who actually have replaced their full-time income.

The cost to get your business started is $149 and the starter kit or you can buy the business builder kit for $349 which will contain everything you need to launch your business from day one.

The business is a social selling type of business which means 95% of your business is going to marketing and advertising on the internet through social media.


The basic starter kit includes:

Welcome Packet and Training
KEEP Design Guides (pack of 20) and Mini Design Guides (pack of 25)
Leather Swatch Ring
Custom KEEP Display Tray

The business builder kit includes:

Welcome Packet and Training
KEEP Design Guides (pack of 20) and Mini Design Guides (pack of 25)
Leather Swatch Ring
Custom KEEP Display Tray
Folding Linen Neck Form
Linen Display Pillows (pack of 3)
Gift Pouches (pack of 5)

*It is recommended but not mandatory to host KEEP Social home parties in order to make sales in combination with your sales on social media.

As far as support from the company they have created their own Designer Facebook Group where designers in the community can share kudos, inspiration, design tips, and support each other.

The company pays commissions with through a hyper wallet which is basically their own pay card for your compensation.

Your goal is to aim to sell up to $2,000 in your first two months for a total of 4,000 PQV. You will earn $450 in free product plus $1,200 in cash commissions with your Power Seller raise to 30% commission.

When you share the business opportunity with someone you will earn $100 product credit for each new team member that joins and meets their minimum sales of $750.

For the complete breakdown of how the KEEP Collective Compensation Plan works click here to download.

KEEP Collective Review | Pros Vs Cons Of The Business Opportunity


You make your own business hours as an Independent Contractor.

Minimal investment to get your KEEP Collective business started.

The company pays out weekly granted you meet minimum point requirements.

Earn 25% commission upon selling $2,000 and then you get a raise of 30% when you reach past $2,308 in sales.

You have support by the company and private Facebook group community.

If you’re passionate about jewelry making and selling then this business is for you.

You can sell your jewelry online through social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or hosting a home party.

The jewelry is nickel free and hypoallergenic.


You have to pay out-of-pocket for additional marketing materials such as display jewelry foam boards, catalogs, bands, charms, sliders, brochures, merchandise supplies as well as the fees for your membership website.

If you want to make more sales it is recommended to host weekly trunk shows aka home parties which mean you should have enough product on hand to avoid missed sales.

Sales are slow and not consistent during your first 90 days unless you have a huge list of customers ready to buy from your online store.

Out of pocket expenses can add up quickly costing you more than what you have coming in as far as profit.

I really like the website its branded together quite cute and targets women. I love the way the jewelry pieces look as far as colors, textures, and a variety of theme charm sliders. I like the fact that you can build this business part-time from home alongside your own work schedule and it’s flexible. Although it is a social selling direct sales type of business you still have to have a set marketing budget to finance your new jewelry business.

Speaking from experience, to be honest, here not everyone will become successful with KEEP Collective compared to the top KEEP Collective income earners in the company.

When you know the truth about how fast a top sales representative can go from earning 0 to thousands of dollars in their first month of launching their business compared to you just getting started and not earning your first dollar it will make you wonder why not me yet?

Here is what the truth is and I am not going to tell you what you want to hear I am going to share with you what you need to hear. The top executive consultants who are rocking this business already have the experience and training, they have a large list of contacts to reach out to and follow-up.

These people are your competition and the only way you are going to learn to stand out of your competition is to start learning the digital marketing skill sets that will build your own list of targeted qualified prospects which will lead to consistent sales.

Now here is the thing, in order you to get started with getting consistent sales you must have a strategy on how to beat your competition inside KEEP Collective.

Most consultants have no direction how to get strategic to increase sales because they don’t have their own strategy or sales funnel to filter prospects who are both interested and not interested in their offer.

Strategy, not sales are the key to financial freedom and once you learn what is working you will become the top income earner in your primary opportunity.

As always, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below about this KEEP Collective Review and if your struggling with your marketing which areas do you need the most help in?

See you on the next post!


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  1. I attended one party and did not justify spending $20 or more for the individual charms simply to decorate the plastic bracelet, when I have old charm bracelets from my Youth, that I rarely wear, and with charms that cost a fraction of what these do.

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