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Maëlle Review | Not Your Typical Maëlle Review

In this Maëlle Review, I am going to share with you useful information about the company, products, and their business.

Do you want to look gorgeous and elegant? Would you love to sell your own beauty products from home and get paid for it? Then if you said yes Maëlle might be a great business opportunity for you.

Maëlle Review | Who Is Maëlle?

Maëlle is the newest social selling cosmetics company that will be launching this year October of 2016 and the CEO of this company is Chris Welch.

The pre-launch of the company has finished just now in June 2016 we already noticed it on Facebook. Maëlle products are crafted thoughtfully for empowering men and women from around the globe. Everyone can believe in themselves and attain supreme achievements.

Maëlle has a vital presence typically on social media sites for attracting people to look stunning while making money sharing the business opportunity.

Maëlle Review | About Maëlle Products

Trendy skin care products and cosmetics make you look great and feel dazzling. Maëlle offers the best colors and formulations to make sure about its high-quality and trend.

It is the newest company and so it launches only a few products as a starter kit. The staff includes a secret skin care product, secret illuminator, above & beyond Mascara and eye shadow palette.

Eight different smoky and nude shades are handy in their eyeshadow palette. Make use of the secret illuminator to look like that you have eight hours of good sleep.

Everyone will love to try a skin care product to experience its delights. Stay as a multitasker with a new Mascara. I do like to apply Mascara but I don’t wear it consistently every day only because I have sensitive eyes it makes my eyes water.

Now that you know a little bit about the products let’s talk about the business because many of you are interested in knowing if you can actually make income with their compensation plan.

Maëlle Review | The Maëlle Compensation Plan

maelle compensation plan

To kick start your business with Maëlle as a consultant it will cost you around $89. You can access all the tools included such as:

• Above & Beyond Mascara
• Secret Illuminator
• Work to Play Eyeshadow Palette
• A secret Skincare product
• A stylish cosmetics pouch with removable sections
• First Maëlle charm and recognition accessory
• Plus get access to world-class training worth over $250 from Mari Smith who is a social media expert.

The main focus of Maëlle is that it’s crafted to be a social selling business. All items will be shipped out within two business days of purchase depending where you live in the world. You have to spend $5.95 as shipping cost unless you purchase for $75 or more of products.

To get started in Maëlle here is what you need to do to sign up.

1. You have to click join now option either in Maëlle portal or from consultant page and choose either signing up with your Facebook or Email account.
2. Fill out your personal information including name, email, address and even more details. It helps the Maëlle team to communicate with you easily. Even, you can also setup the link that will be used to invite others to join your team.
3. Read the policies and procedures of Maëlle thoroughly before signing up. Once you accept the terms and conditions, you can start your business instantly.

Your order will include:

Maëlle products and a carry case with removable sections are included in the order. Even, you can obtain Maëlle charm, personal store site, social selling training and mentor debit card and account with it. You just need to spend $89 for this order.

Maëlle Review | The Pro’s Vs Cons Of The Business

You want to sell $50 every three months to remain active. If you are fascinated in obtaining the commission and selling the product, you just need to place a $50 minimum every three months.

If you are interested in building a group under you, you want to put up for sale $100 each month in order to acquire payment off of your team.

When you become a Maëlle consultant, you want to spend $89 for your high-quality website where you can get your orders.

Two people can also sign up and run their business together. It is really fun to work jointly in a team but it’s best to know a few pros and cons of what it takes to succeed as a consultant.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons based on actual Maëlle testimonials.

Pros of Maëlle business:

• Purchase wholesale and put up for sale to customers to gain income
• Affordable products are available to choose from
• World-class training from social media expert for new consultants
• Updated trends and fashions make you feel great while selling Maëlle products
• High-quality products from well-known manufacturers
• You don’t have to keep inventory on hand

Cons of Maëlle business:

  • There are no samples of their current products
  • The company expects you to spend for your website
  • There is no digital marketing training system to help you
  • No real coaching support from experienced online marketers

Maëlle Review | Conclusion

As you can see this business opportunity looks great and does work if you have the right type of upline support and training.

You just need to go through its basics to begin your business effectively and refer the program to your friends or family, host a few home parties every week to make sales.

That is what is being taught but we have, to be honest here if you truly want to earn money with this it is not going to be based on you selling to your warm market.

You must be honest about your business as a serious entrepreneur and consider what you can do for bringing up your cash flow to grow your business.

Already I noticed Maëlle consultants are online marketing through social media spamming their links thinking that is what works to get sales.

If you want to become the top income earner of your compensation plan in this company, you need to learn the right effective marketing skills for increasing your sales by learning how to generate your own leads of targeted qualified prospects and communicating through effect follow up with them.

Understand it doesn’t matter what you sell or the opportunity you decided to market but about you and what you are going to do to help your team grow.

I hope you have enjoyed this Maëlle review and leave a comment below about what has your experience been like since joining Maëlle.

If what I said resonates with you and you no longer want to build a business around your friends and family then click the image below to find out more.

See you on the next post!

Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman

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1 thought on “Maëlle Review | Not Your Typical Maëlle Review”

  1. Team Maelle Millionaire

    Your review was great! You give very real accounts of what this opportunity really offers and that you need to come in to this thing with a mind to learn as much about online marketing as you can, if you don’t already know how.

    I just signed up myself and won’t even make any real posts about the business on Facebook yet. But I am starting my blog to attract my customers now. Then at launch I will post products, sparingly, on my FB page. You are so right. You will not make a full time income just selling to your friends and family, unless you get in early on with a company, and can successfully duplicate.

    One problem with that is the more reps they get, the more competition you will have, and the more you will need to stand out in order to make a sale. If your main method of building is duplication without any innovation then the well will eventually run dry! My previous company had about 500,000 reps and no one I could find who was making full time money that was rep number 300,000 or beyond.

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