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Market America Review | 10 Secret Tips From A Former Top Producer

Market America Review | 10 Secret Tips From A Former Top Producer

The health and wellness industry is a booming industry and is constantly evolving with new MLM products to give a person a better quality of life.

The fact that Market America has been the pioneer in the online marketing of high quality products and services and completely debt free says alot.

Even though the products are great and all how are you suppose to sell them to customers without being too salesy?



In this Market America Review, I am going to share my experience as a former teen Market America distributor. Read more..!

Whenever I hear the name “Market America” it brings a warmth and excitement to my heart because this is the first MLM experience and where I got my start in the business of direct sales. Not many people know this about me unless they read my bio or ask me personally about my credibility in the industry of direct sales and network marketing.

I was 18 years old when I first signed up with Market America as a distributor and I was under Elizabeth Weber’s organization and team.  Our team was on fire almost every day and we would meet up at each others homes to train and discuss game plans of how to get more customers.

My sponsor was the one who introduced me to the personal development education world of “networking and prospecting” and the “Art of Listening” then I ran with it in my own direction. I would borrow his motivational books and tapes so I can study more on the selling industry. I can remember how hard I worked my ass off in the business while being the youngest entrepreneur on the team. I sponsored my closest friends from school, colleagues, and even my own mother became my business partner.

I can remember how hard I worked my ass off in that business while being the youngest entrepreneur on the team. I sponsored my closest friends from school, colleagues, and even my own mother became my business partner.

Once I enrolled my mother I didn’t expect what would happen next, she was on my case every time I was not meeting my goals and booking appointments for flip chart presentations. She was like my boss and boy did she push me to go out and find new prospects every day.

Market America Review | My First Market America Presentation

[Tweet “The One Who Holds The Marker Makes The Money”]

The day I overcame my fear of doing flip chart standing presentations was when we hosted a home demo of the Isotonix Vitamins and SNAP cleaning products to …EVERYONE!

No kidding, my mother and I was not playing around when it came to prospecting and sales in this business.  Mind you this was all back then old school style and it was as simple as set a date, make postcard invitations and pass them out to everyone in the neighborhood all the way throughout the other cities.

I even invited homeless people and they showed up just for the food, but they were just a body in the room so I had to look good for my sponsor when they would visit. It was such a huge success for my first real attempt at hosting my own opportunity meeting that in my living room we had over 60 people seated and some had to sit on the floor.

We packed the house so tight there wasn’t enough room for everyone to hear my presentation. My parents were very supportive and so was my mentor and sponsor they introduced me like this. “Ladies and Gentleman thank you for showing up for this Market America presentation. In our company, it is said that the one who holds the marker is the one who makes the money and so without further ado introducing the latin fireball Anastacia Hauldridge.”

Now mind you this was my very first ever public presentation and here is the funny thing I messed up that flip chart presentation so bad that I managed to make a few big sales and signed up several people no matter what.  My sponsor always taught me that no matter what happens even if you mess up the people never seen the presentation so unless you say oops keep going.

Ha, ha..that’s exactly what I did!

Fast forward a year later after returning back from my second convention event with my team I get pulled into a conference call with my sponsor and the team with a leader from another company. It was a millionaire with Melaleuca and the topic of discussion was that the entire team had to decide if they wanted to leap or stay with Market America.

You know I was so young and had I decided to stay in Market America I doubt if I would have been a millionaire because I didn’t really make a six figure income, but I was still happy with the products and the chase.

Like other marketers who have experiences with MLM, team jumps to another company for reasons like they want much better support and higher commissions hey…I know how you feel.

10 Market America Secret Tips for Success

anastacia hauldridge and elizabeth weber

(Anastacia Hauldridge, Elizabeth Weber, and Sean Brant )


If I was going to ever return to Market America I would do things different than when I started as a teenager because of all the skills I learned and mastered over the years of continuing my self-education in network marketing industry have earned me thousands today.

Whether you’re currently in Market America and love it or you been struggling to get sales then here are some of my top 10 secret tips that can help you get on the right track.

1. Study and learn all new internet marketing skills by learning and teaching others.

2. Leave the employee mindset and focus on developing your entrepreneur mindset.

3. Working hard doesn’t mean prospecting everyone and your mother under the sun. Working hard means to stay on task and be consistent without fail to reach your goals.

4. When you are duplicating don’t try to tell people what to do instead show them what is working in your marketing and advertising effort, have a meeting with your team weekly and teach them over the shoulder.

5. Never ever spend too much time with the members of your team who aren’t moving and making things happen. This is a definite time waste.

6. Set time limits on your schedule and only make yourself available by appointment only limiting your conversations to less than 15-20 minutes.

7. Go to your events and bring your team with you, it’s way more fun and you get to network with the masters.

8. Hire a business coach and get mentored, it’s so worth it.

9. Drop the flip chart if you’re still doing napkin presentations in coffee shops that only gives your prospect the wrong impression of what they can’t do. Invite them to an opportunity call or webinar and then follow up.

10. Get an Autoresponder account and attach an affiliate marketing system in case people say no to your product or opportunity.

I can only speak from my own personal experience here so if you like to share your positive or negative experience with Market America comment below.


See you on the next post!

Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman

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