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Monat Review: What You Ought To Know About Monat

In this Monat Review, I am going to talk about the Monat’s hair care products, services, and business.

Monat Reviews Disclaimer: Any information, advice, and opinions in this review is based on our own combined 30+ years of home based business industry experience and success with online marketing. We are in no way representatives with the Monat company and therefore if you like to join the business be sure to get back together with the person who introduced you to the opportunity.

According to a website report, I read on which is a website that provides current industry economic data that details the value of a variety of the most popular business industries.

This statistic depicts the estimated size of the global hair care market from 2012 to 2021. In 2016, the global hair care market is estimated to be worth about USD 83.1 billion.

More and more women every day is spending hundreds and thousands of dollars for the right up do for their hair or the right hair care product that will take care of their hair tresses and now a new direct sales company by the name of Monat Global has launched here in the United States.

Monat Review | What Is Monat?

Monat! launched in 2014 and is starting to gain a lot of attention as a popular social marketing company.  The Chairman & Founder is Luis Urdaneta and his team of executives is CEO, Rayner Urdaneta, and President, Stuart A. MacMillan. These men are like family to each other and bring to the industry a unique culture that is unlike many other network marketing companies. This company mainly concentrates on passionate and modern people who are ready to create the premium quality products and bring limitless opportunity to the customers.

The Monat Global company has held up its ultimate presence on several popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest to attract people as well as look great and feel confident with the gorgeous appearance.


Monat Review | The Monat Hair Care Products

monat hair care products

In today’s modern world, the Monat hair care products are one of the biggest opportunities for the people in order to help others achieve healthy good looking hair. According to a few customer’s testimonials, I read on Facebook Monat has worked well and brings the desired results for most of them including hair growth.

Representatives are online right now looking for people who will take the challenge and test the Monat product line and compare it against your regular shampoo and conditioner.

All you need to do is to place an order for a sample of Monat hair care products and your well on your way to experience as we say in Spanish, Cabello (or pelo) muy bonito! which means “Very Nice Hair”.

When you are opening the package, you will be excited at how the products are very well packaged and branded as if it’s Christmas gifts for your hair.

Here is what the most post popular products are in the Monat company:

Monat Renew shampoo and conditioner~ The Renew shampoo and conditioner is an initial package of Monat that would definitely raise the strength, density, and manageability of your hair. When you apply this shampoo, it helps your hair look very soft, smooth and shiny.

REJUVENIQEâ„¢ Oil Intensive is so pure and versatile, that it can be used in multiple ways to improve skin and hair.

Monat Revitalize conditioner
This conditioner is recommended to use in your shower routine and rinse it out. You should use this conditioner by mixing it with your daily shampoo and you will notice renewed volume results with your hair.

To see the full line of Monat products visit their website and to purchase their products be sure to get back together with the distributor that introduced you to Monat.

These products are made to help your hair look and feel beautiful without using any harsh chemicals and adverse side effects like the other brands on the market.

The Monat Compensation Plan


So how does selling shampoo and conditioner earn you money? Is it worth it to become a marketing partner of Monat Global? Well, it will make you some money but not life changing income as fast as you think because it requires a lot of work and discipline as well as investing of both your time and money as a marketing partner.

When it comes to going into details about how the Monat compensation plan works I would rather you learn about from an actual representative presenting the opportunity.

Watch this video

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Pros of Monat

  • Depending on your body chemistry and how your hair reacts to the application of the products you should expect to see new hair growth within a few months up to 3 inches more.
  • The product is designed to strengthen your hair roots and keeping it soft and manageable no matter what hair type you are.
  • There is a great culture within the company which everyone likes and enjoys to be a part of along with company events and training workshops.
  • Products are manufactured in the United States and are highly concentrated, so you only use a little bit.
  • The products can be sold in hair salons and spas which will help the flow of customers and increased sales revenue to salon owners.
  • It’s a business, not a hobby so you must be consistent and have money to keep up with your monthly auto-ship fees to sustain your business through the year.

Cons of Monat

  • The products are on the expensive side plus shipping and handling fees compared to the leading brands on the market.
  • Not everyone wants to sell the products and just rather be a preferred customer for the discounts.
  • Your spending more than $20 a bottle which is not feasible for everyone’s budget.
  • You’re coming out of pocket more in order to get started and your ROI (Return On Investment) to start your home business is not scalable or helping you to break even.
  • This type of product is a consumable product so you will be washing your hair less and less so you are not running out of product too fast and keeping a close eye on your expenses to replenish every week.

Monat Review | Conclusion

The Monat management team is experienced and solid so that is a great start to any new network marketing company. The suite of products is premium and high-quality which I like. As for the compensation plan I would say yes it is good for those who have previous success in a home based business and direct sales but not for newbies.

But the bottom line is this, you could have the best opportunity and products in the industry, but if you don’t have enough prospects to talk to about it, you’ll make no money. At the end of the day, your success will come down to your ability to sponsor people and get customers consistently.

And at some point, your warm market will run out and then what are you going to do?

This is why I suggest you learn how to market online and learn how to attract people and generate your own leads and sales with your business without having to chase people on the internet or recruit friends and family.

If you can position yourself in front of a highly targeted audience you’ll have more leads you can handle. And when you’re in a position where you have people chasing you, now you are becoming the hunted instead of the hunter.

If you enjoyed this Monat post leave a comment below I like to know your thoughts or where you are stuck in your marketing efforts with your business.

See you on the next post!


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37 thoughts on “Monat Review: What You Ought To Know About Monat”

  1. The product is very very concentrated and worth the $$$! Compared to other similar products, the price is very reasonable. Doesn’t get “used up” as quickly, so even better value! The “before and after” testimonies all over the web (esp. FB, instagram) are impressive. It’s a great anti-aging assist because of hair regrowth in both men and women. Easy sell, women are vain and even men! Don’t discount a new biz making millions in its infancy!

  2. SAME ISSUE as others!!!! They are horrible to work with, horrible wait time on phone, horrible customer service, horrible response online!

    Great products, awful customer service. I received some samples and fell in love with Monat so I decided to order some on January 30th. I received my shipment within a few days but the conditioner was not included. I emailed the company a few days later asking where my shipment was, to which I received a response 5 days later saying more would be shipped out the beginning of that week. Here I am, almost one month later and I STILL do not have my conditioner and no idea when it will be coming in. I’d love to start using my products but I can’t without having my complete kit. Very frustrating to pay so much and not get adequate service.

    1. Josianne Plante Ouellette

      Jessica I would be happy to assist you if you have any questions. Monat is definitely the best option to achieve healthy, stronger and beautiful hair like you’ve never had before. And great business!

    2. meagan sudicky

      Hi Jessica! How did you enjoy the sample? In case you haven’t found a Market Partner to purchase products from feel free to visit mine and my husband’s website, would love to help you out!

        1. Does the IRT Shampoo and IRT Conditioner actually cause hair growth or are they just good for your hair and just the IRT Spray caused hair growth? In other words would the Renew Shampoo and Revitalize Conditioner work just as well with the Spray for hair regrowth?

  3. I’m using Monat now. My results are amazing! Nothing like it from what I’ve ever tried. My hair is exactly how I want it to be. I highly recommend it. If anyone has questions feel free to contact me.

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  5. Neva Burgess Crawford

    a friend of mine is selling it so she gave me several samples to try. I’m 55 years old, in menopause, my hair has been falling out like crazy! It’s very curly and I’ve used it two shampoos in a row now and my hair has not been this soft for a very long time. I’m excited to see how it develops over the next month or two.

    1. Yes keep me posted @nevaburgesscrawford:disqus I just got back from Maui, Hawaii so my order is on its way I am looking forward to testing the Balance set.

      1. Just an update the person who was going to send me a sample never ever sent it. Not a good sign of distributorship, I know when I tell a potential customer I will give you a free sample I follow it through, I don’t like that people say some thing and don’t do it.

  6. I appreciate the frank review here! I was looking at Monat strictly for quality hair care because my hair is highly processed (right now it’s purple and teal). I decided to become a Market Partner because the products worked so well and there is a wide-open marketplace for hair care in direct selling. Anyone looking for information on the business or products may contact me at or visit my website at Thanks!

  7. meagan sudicky

    Great Review! Using Monat products has brought so much control and shine I’m seriously receiving compliments daily! My Husband and I are in business together with being Monat Market Partners, please feel free to visit our website for products

  8. They don’t answer their customer service line! They lie about free credits when you sign up 3 VIPS, they said you get free credits when three VIPs sign up under you, then don’t give out the credits, or said you need to call in the get them and don’t answer the phone! I was on hold for TWO HOURS today! That is extremely POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! This is starting to look like a SCAM! Be careful people, they only care about sales and have ZERO focus on customer service, that’s a disaster in the long run! If things don’t change real quick, this company is doomed, don’t quit your day job!

  9. Lisanne Côté (Monat Québec Fra

    Hi, thanks for this review. Since using Monat, my hair is really beautiful and fuller, no more bad hair days 😀
    And my husband who is balding for decades have his hair growing back!! After testing the products i decide to do the business and i love it!!
    I live in Quebec and speak french, if you need a french speaking rep, i’m there to help.
    Bonjour!! Je suis une représentante Monat au Québec, si vous avez besoin d’aide en français, vous pouvez me contacter ou visiter ma page
    Leader français, n’hésitez pas à me contacter, Monat sera mondial, soyez prêt pour son arrivé chez vous 😀

    1. Interesting…this is not the first time someone swiped copied off of our writing. It could be because the Pro and Cons are similar but from the beginning to the end the verbiage is my own so we are two different people and I don’t know them.

  10. Monat Global is a scam.
    They sent me an email Sep 18 telling me my auto ship date & when I changed it 19 Sep. – 3 days before the deadline (Sep 22) I was still billed & shipped product. I asked for a shipping label for a return & was told I would be given a full refund since I was within the deadline, but never got the email with the shipping label. After calling Customer Care I was told a Supervisor had refused my refund. I told the rep to cancel my account, she gave me a confirmation number, then I get an email stating that my “Order” had been cancelled, not my account.

    On the Better Business Bureau website there are several stories just like this.
    I had to cancel my CC in order to stop this nonsense.
    I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office in Florida, as well as filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
    Anyone with similar experiences needs to do the same & stop these crooks.

    1. Melody Reem-Packulak

      I’m having the exact same issue. I have sent 4 emails to their supposed support address and also have called and been put on hold for up to 30 minutes. I have never been able to reach a person. The very worst customer service I have ever encountered. I will be filing a complaint in MN as well. I have been trying to cancel my account, too.

      1. I spoke with the Attorney General’s office in Florida where they are based. I had a return phone call from an agent telling me the complaint will be investigated.

        I was also told to notify & file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, since they do business in other states besides Florida, meaning they cross state lines in commerce.

        When you file your complaint let the agencies know they are operating a “Zero Option Scam”
        and are using “unfair, deceptive & fraudulent business practices….also be sure to include dates of what happened when.

        Keep me posted on what happens for you.

        I think more people need to file complaints with these agencies as well. This isn’t a business it is a sham & a scam.


    2. Shannon Caraker

      did they harass you with letters once you put the stop payment on your card? I will do the same, since I am having similar issues…thank you for sharing!

  11. This company is a scheme they have horrible customer service!!! I became a vip and was told that I would get an email and my representative would get an email before a shipment was made. In between shipments I have ordered several products. Then I get a shipment – I was not notified nor was their rep who I signed up under. They said I could ship it back but I would have to pay for shipping —- I’m like what??? You never emailed me??? Nor emailed my rep??? So I could put off the shipment!!! I said well I will keep it but you are offering a special today with a shipment for $20 can I get that?? They said NO!!! So their scheme is to get you to sign up, they will tell you that they will send you an email before your shipment so you can reschedule only they do not so they ship to you and you have to pay for it!!! This is not a good company do not get caught up in this scheme!!

  12. Shannon Caraker

    I am a VIP flexship member. Monat is an excellent product, and my representative is a very hard working and wonderful person. Although the product is legit and I am happy with the results I’m experiencing, the customer service end is an absolute nightmare.
    On the membership dashboard, it allows us to change our flexship date and gives us one day prior to shipping to change it. I changed it two days before shipping and I still got my package. I received my package on a Saturday, but returned it first thing the following Monday morning.
    I then called the company too see if I can get refunded the $20 shipping fee, since I received that month’s shipment due to no fault of my own. They were completely rude and told me they couldn’t, and gave me some nonsense runaround about manufacturing by a certain date…ok, great, but I did everything I was supposed to on the customer end. I was so furious I told them I wanted to cancel, but they were again very rude and said I’d have to pay a fee for cancellation if I didn’t fulfill the three VIP shipments in a year. I’m about to put a stop on my credit card. They also said they’d refund the $84 for that last shipment. It has been a month, and I still haven’t seen the refund on my card statement.
    I will never, ever purchase anything from a company that degrades and bullies their customers, no matter how great the product is.

    1. If you are an existing vip customer shipping is free. Before returning products you must call support or contacted sponsor for details.
      You are not obligated to 3 flex ships in a years time. Flex ship can be pushed out in 2 month increments for as long as you need to . Also your sponsor should have informed you of flex ship facts .

  13. I signed up as a vip last June and had second thoughts afterwards. I used the products I received for a few weeks and loved them, but got cold feet about the future flexship orders and wasn’t impressed with the person that signed me up so I decided to cancel. I sent my products back within the 30 day free return window and received my refund right away. The person I talked to on the phone from the company was very nice and helpful. They told me I can rejoin Monat at any time I’d like and I could even change my up line Market Partner if I like…. Meanwhile, I have been buying the product on ebay and have totally loved it. I believe I will be joining monat again soon, since the price would probably be cheaper and you get free items in the flexship orders.

    1. Sandy , if you need assistance in finding a responsible sponsor you can contact me any time with questions or concerns . Be cautious with Monat products sold on eBay or Amazon , some may be altered by adding water and/or other ingredients to extend the profit. I also considered ordering from eBay but the vip program was way better in price and all the benefits it comes with . This is my Facebook page if interested

    2. Sandy, i am so sorry you couldn’t relate to your upline but I totally get it! Mine quite after the first month after trying to juggle 2 MLNs at the same time. Would love to chat sometime via messenger.
      Jolene Valle

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