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Motives Cosmetics Review | Is Motives Cosmetics The Right Business or Not?

In this Motives Cosmetics Review, we are going to share what makes Motives so great and if its the right business for you.  Read more…!

Motives Cosmetics Review | What Is Motives Cosmetics?

In 2008, the Motives cosmetics line was introduced as the beauty line within the network marketing company Market America back in 1992.

The makeup and beauty line became a huge success breaking through sales revenue goals over $5.5 billion dollars. This line was not something like Avon or Mary Kay had because it was the passion and drive of one woman who wanted to make a difference in the fashion and beauty industry.

Loren Ridinger, the wife of CEO, JR Ridinger of Market America allowed Loren to open her own makeup and cosmetic line within the “Malls Without Walls” concept of online custom makeup.

Motives generated so much attention with their flagship custom lipsticks and foundation that women who never worn make up before started to fall in love with wearing this type of makeup because of how the technology differed from the competition.

Market America distributors who want to just sell the Motives Cosmetics line had their own beauty business kit as well as Motives Consultant accessories like T-shirts and beauty briefcases engraved with the Motives logo for professional makeup artists who earned a living selling it.

Fast forward to 2015, Motives cosmetics can be seen on celebrities and models featured in magazines like Vogue, Allure, Lucky, People Style Watch, and InStyle.

Motives Cosmetics Review | How Top Motives Cosmetics Distributors Recruit

Market America has always been on the cutting edge and injected the newest trends in both their own line of products as well as the beauty line of products.

A couple things I do like about Motives Cosmetics is the hot colors in the eyeshadows and lipsticks. I also love the training they give to help women of all skin types who never even worn makeup before all the way to the veteran makeup artist learn the application techniques to get the signature Motive looks.

Motive Cosmetics is the hottest trending makeup on social media so make sure you check them out and their shopping website.

Motives Cosmetics Review | Motives Cosmetics Compared To Younique

If you want to sell Motives Cosmetics you will have to sign up as a distributor agreement to become a Motives Consultant and purchase your getting started makeup business kit.

Motives Beauty Advisor Starter Kit
Plus Tax
Retail Value $469
The Beauty Advisor Starter Kit Includes:
Two Moisture Rich Lipsticks
One Kohl Eyeliner
Four Pressed Eye Shadows
One Pressed Blush
One Blush Bronzer Duo
One Lip Crayon
One Lustrafy Mascara
One Mineral Lip Shine
One 8-Piece Deluxe Brush Set
10 Motives Catalogs
One Color Wheel
20 Order Forms
10 Lumière de Vie® Sample Packs
One Motives Beauty Briefcase
Business Support Materials

You will also receive your own and websites, where you can sell products and earn commissions and retail profit.

Now if you want to compare prices against the highest competitor in the industry of cosmetic network marketing companies then I would say that Younique would be fit to compare.

Most people who join Younique versus Motives is because it doesn’t cost must to get started and they do have affordable prices on their makeup.

A business kit in Younique is only $99 where as the Business kit in Motives is $149.95.

The commission earned in Younique is up to 25% where as the commission earned in Motives is 40%.

A lipstick ordered through Motives would cost $14.95
A lipstick ordered through Younique would cost $19.00

An eye shadow pot ordered through Motives cost $19.50
An eye shadow post ordered through Younique cost $12.50

Motives Cosmetics Review | Conclusion

I remember selling Motives back in the day as a matter of fact Market America was the first real network marketing experience I had when I was 18.  If there is anything I have learned from my experience that I can share with you to help you become a successful Motives beauty consultant in todays marketplace then it is to learn lead generation and list building.

I would not waste my time doing custom foundation home parties and spending so much money on the catalogs and marketing materials that are going to be wasted.  During your first 90 days I would rather redirect those dollars into the current internet marketing education that teaches an entrepreneur how to build a business not just a downline.

I would focus on learning one marketing strategy and get really good to the point of mastery of it so that way you can get the results to grow your business and beat your competition.  Now if you saying well Ace and Rich we are taught to do it the old school way and it works so I’m sticking with that. Well then all we can say is if its working for you and your earning your first few thousands of dollars in sales then keep doing what works we won’t stop you.

But we can tell you for a fact that the old school marketing of chasing friends and family or even hosting weekly Motives home parties will only get you so far in your business. If you want to break through the cap on your income in Market America then it’s going to require you to learn leverage and we can show you how it can be accomplished.

These strategies can be learned and are the same strategies that every top income leader in the Network Marketing industry knows and haven’t told you they are doing…until now.  Don’t waste any more time being frustrated with outdated pitches and pushy sales tactics, all this will do is leave a bad taste in your prospects mouth and it discredits you as a serious business owner.  I know all too well about this experience because that is what I used to go through and how I used to build Motives when I was first involved in Market America but as I said if I were to join it again that is my method of building to a six figure income faster.

If you enjoyed this post and have had success or not become success selling Motives Cosmetics then we like for you to comment below and share with us your experience.  We all can learn from each other’s experience here so don’t be shy and tells us your Motives story.

See you on the next post!

Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman

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