Network Marketing Online | 6 Proven Network Marketing Online Strategies

In today’s blog post I am going to share my top 6 proven network marketing online strategies that helped me attract targeted prospects all online.

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Network Marketing Online | 6 Proven Network Marketing Online Strategies

1. Learn to master one lead generation strategy at a time not 20.

Too many network marketers think they have to learn every single strategy before they can take any action.

The reality is there are two lead generation strategies you can start with.

Free Marketing – Which you can do by investing your time and leveraging platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and having your own blog.

Paid Marketing – Which you can do by investing capital into buying paid traffic such as solo ads, pay per click ads, and pay per view ads.

When I first started I made the mistake of posting on social media sites about my business opportunity and posts about how amazing the products were with a link to the typical replicated distributor website.

All this did was cost me sales and so I had learned of a much better way to generate my own leads of targeted prospects with my own lead capture page and giving away some kind of lead magnet.

This strategy earned me multiples of thousands of dollars and I just kept rinse and repeating that process driving that traffic to my website that is my blog.

Of course this is a considered to be a long term lead generation strategy but it works. Now if you want to go fast then I would advise you learn paid advertising.

Then there is paid advertising -where you invest into advertising sources such as solo ads, Facebook ads and banner ads.

2. Don’t get emotionally attached to the disappointments!

One of the biggest problems I hear from my students is how they are dealing with the pain and frustration of overwhelm and things not getting faster results.

It’s going to happen and its totally normal but don’t get attached to these failures emotionally as they will stop you from continuing to market and building your network marketing online business.

3. Get The Right Internet Marketing Training Immediately!

Many Network Marketing companies focus on selling the products and telling you how to share the business opportunity to become a consultant or distributor but they don’t ever teach you how to market and brand yourself online effectively.

I highly recommend you check out my video “10 Things You Didn’t Know About MyLeadSystemPro”. This is the recommended online marketing education you will need to start with if you want to learn about how to attract the right targeted prospects to your network marketing business online.

I’ve had such amazing success with MLSP and been able to leverage it as a funded proposal system that I funnel my leads into my primary network marketing business opportunity.

4. Always be consistent even when the cards are not in your favor.

Many marketers who start never seem to remain consistent with their marketing.

You must be consistent every day, yes I said it, every day you want to be focused on generating leads and getting as many eyeballs to see your links, presentations, webinars, etc.

It’s all in the numbers, the more leads you generate the more you increase your chances to get a sale.

5. Invest into having the right tools and services to run your Network Marketing online business.

Having a notebook, pen and business starter kit is not to be relied upon.

When it comes to building your business and running that network marketing online business you must have all the right tools to automate the process.

Most people like to avoid this like a plague and try to do it from their mobile phones, tablets without a laptop or PC and that’s the problem. You can’t run a business on the internet without internet tools. Period.

So make sure you have the necessary tools and the best way to learn which ones to have is taught within MLSP.

6. Do not reinvent the wheel, emulate your leaders.

One of the greatest strategies that has helped me and Rich become success is modeling and emulating what our competitors are doing.

We don’t copy but what we do is reverse engineer what other successful people have already done and put it into our own words as content for our marketing such as blog posts, podcasts, and videos.

I’d love to hear back from you let me know by commenting below which network marketing online strategies have you discovered worked or didn’t work for you I love to hear from both sides.

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Your friends and mentors,

Ace and Rich Guzman

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