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Origami Owl Reviews | How To Succeed In Origami Owl As A Newbie

Do you know how to organize your jewelry bar business?

Would you like to know how to get more customers?

Here’s all you need inside…


In this Origami Owl Reviews posts we are going to share with you what it takes to succeed in your business when your brand new.  Read more…!

Origami Owl Reviews | How to Organize Your Origami Owl Business

Here is a quick video one how to set up your Origami Owl Jewelry Bar so you can get inspired on ideas for your grand opening or next party.

Pretty much you are going to be running your business from out of your briefcase with brochures, flyers, business cards, order forms, calculator and of course inventory. So the best way to organize a jewelry bar you want to create a handy folder complete with everything they need already prepared.

Here is what you’ll need to include in your hostess folder:

Origami Owl 2 pocket folder
Paper invitations …You’re Invited ~ be sure to include your contact info and information on the RSVP.
4 Order forms
1 Hostess Tic Tac Whoa! Game Sheet
Post it note ~ Write a short note to order more order forms even for out of state customers.
Flyers about the hostess rewards ~ include a sticker with your contact (Sponsor) information in case they have questions.
Origami Owl’s Points of Difference Info Sheet ~ The more the hostess knows the more she will learn about the company.
Origami Owl Take Out menu
Origami Owl’s Hostess Steps to Success “Check Six” Game

Origami Owl Reviews | How to Make Money In Origami Owl


When you become a new designer with Origami Owl you must learn how to sell the jewelry as a home based business. Now that means you must first treat your business like a serious business instead of a hobby because as you know by now the company already got you all set up with everything you need to get it started.

The most important thing is you must operate your business with plan and that requires your full participation into the Origami Owl activities and training. If you want to make the most profit and earn your way up to becoming a team leader you will have to sell lots of products.

There are certain items that are 50% off retail and certain items that are 30% off retail. So let’s look at a typical sale for basic retail items.

Take a look at this scenario of the sales of basic items with a plan to earn the most profit with the Origami Owl Compensation Plan.

Retail Your Cost Wholesale Price
Locket $28.00 $19.60
Chain $18.00 $12.60
Plate $9.00 $ 4.50
Dangle $10.00 $ 5.00
5 Charms $25.00 $12.50
Total: $90.00 $54.20

So if we were to take the retail amount of ninety dollars and we take the wholesale amount of what you pay then this will amount to $35.80 profit.

So here is the official breakdown of the 50% and the 30% off of retail. You must know the average profit on a single sale is about 39-40%.

Your lockets, you chains, your window plates, tagged collection and earrings are all 30% off retail.

Your charms, plates, and dangles are all 50% off retail.

So if you want to earn more profit than that average sale of a jewelry bar then you will have to raise the cost up and here is how you do it.

Only raise the price on the pieces that are 50% off retail so you can earn higher commissions. Simple!

So by adding plate or adding a couple of charms that increases the average profit.

Get familiar with how much personal volume you are to meet in sales not on business supply orders. So your PV comes from your wholesale product sales volume every month so you can qualify to earn extra team building bonuses.

Now there are 3 different ways to earn money with Origami Owl as a designer consultant.

Jewelry Bars (Traditional Home Parties) ~ Your going to open up your new kit and set up a table with products on the table and enter orders as they come in with your paper work or online back office on a laptop.

Origami Owl Website ~ Getting your replicated website out to your friends and family is taught by corporate so you must follow that guideline to make sales.

Team Override ~ When you bring in one personally sponsored designer and they place their initial order to get started in the business and you duplicated that through out the career plan to build your team.

Notice how we said “TEAM” that means you are responsible for becoming a leader yourself and building that relationship with the very people who will become team consultants all working together towards a common goal to success.

Origami Owl Reviews | How To Increase Origami Owl Profits With Online Marketing

So now that you understand what the company wants you to learn and follow as far as how they expect you to market the products and business opportunity, we are going to share with you something totally different as far as getting more sales and customers using a few internet marketing strategies.

When it comes to building a business solid online you will have to take a step back from what you are doing as far as traditional offline marketing to now putting together a simple strategy plan of action for the internet.

Let’s talk video!

Video Marketing is powerful in helping you attract remember that word okay, Attracting the right quality customer to your business.  Now if you are shy to be on camera it’s totally normal and if you don’t want to go on video to show your face then people can still do it without showing themselves through audio and screen share format.

But let’s say that you are not afraid to make videos for your business then that is a great way to get the ball rolling.  Our suggestion is for you to schedule 30 days from your start date and plan out what type of topics and videos you will record for 30 days straight without fail.  We call this 30 day action plan the “30 Day Challenge” to grow your business on the fast track.

Understand that video marketing is not for everyone which is why if you don’t want show your face on camera then you can do a screen share slide show type of video.  That means you will have to create a power point slide presentation of what you are going to discuss and then record your screen with either Google Plus, Jing, or Camtasia software.

In the videos, you want to open up with who you are, where you are recording from, and what topic will you discuss.  You want to focus on providing that value to help solve a problem and then then offer a solution with your product or business opportunity as you see fit.

Origami Owl Review | Conclusion

In the end of the video be sure to add a specific call to action such as, “If you liked this video and got value from watching it, be sure to subscribe to my channel, leave comment and share this video!”

Call to actions are important in everything with content marketing not just with video but even audio and written content.

One more thing if there are other top leaders in Origami Owl having success with video marketing, pay attention to their views on their video this is a great indication that they are getting their videos seen and people like there style of marketing.

A word of advice is to watch and follow these heavy hitters by modeling what they do in their own videos by applying their strategies in your own business.

I trust this post was helpful in getting you started right on the fast track with your Origami Owl business.  If you are having or not having success with building it leave a comment below on your experience we love to hear from you.


See you on the next post!


Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman

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