PlanNet Marketing Review

PlanNet Marketing Review-PlanNet Marketing Exposed!

In this PlanNet Marketing review, there is something about PlaNet Marketing you should know about before you sign that agreement to join.  Read more…!

The buzz on the web right now is what is PlanNet Marketing is the next best MLM since slice bread but honestly what makes their network marketing travel opportunity so worthwhile. Now before we get into this review we like to acknowledge that we are not affiliated or involved in PlanNet Marketing. If you want to join the company you will have to get in touch with someone that is a representative or you can visit the main website for more information at

PlanNet Marketing Review | What Is PlanNet Marketing?

PlanNet Marketing Inc. is a travel network marketing company that is founded by Don Bradley. The company has partnered up with a travel agency by the name of InteleTravel. InteleTravel is an at home travel agency that is recognized by all the big travel suppliers including all the best resorts, cruise lines, car rental agencies and tour operators.

Donald Bradley was a 1 Star Diamond who had over 35,000 distributors in his downline was in a high commission position at Paycation Travel but with all the rumors circulating social media on whether he quit and left Paycation or he was terminated is still not clear.

Here is a video behind the scenes of what Donald Bradley had to say during the launch

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What is interesting is how many other diamond representatives of Paycation decided to take their teams and also leave around the same time Donald left. Speculation has been said that he was fired other sources has written that Paycation Travel was responsible for being a failed network marketing company and that is why he created his own company with the money he already earned in commissions.

Remarkably the new network marketing travel company all of a sudden just sponsored 1000 reps within the first 24 hours of launching. Then there is the CEO or PlaNet Andy Cauthen, a former YTB International President is now running the company alongside Donald Bradley.  According to Andy Cauthen’s LinkedIn profile, it is listed that he has been the active as CEO and President of PlaNet Marketing since October 2015.

PlanNet Marketing Review | Who Are The People Behind The Company

President & CEO ~ Andy Cauthen, an international business veteran who once was the former YTB president.

Chief Operations Officer ~ LeAnn Troeckler, LeAnn comes from the YTB Travel business as the former Director of Field Relations.

James Ferrara ~ President of InteleTravel, he has over twenty-five years of travel experience dealing with various hotels, cruises, and major resorts in the industry.

Kevin Thompson ~ AKA  “The MLM” Attorney, Kevin Thompson is a well-respected attorney that understands how the network marketing industry operates and he has defended numerous clients that have been affected by the illegal MLM activities in many companies.

PlanNet Marketing Review | How To Make Money In PlanNet


There are two ways to join PlanNet Marketing:

  1. Becoming a PlanNet Marketing Rep
  2. Become an InteleTravel Agent

As a PlanNet Marketing representative you will earn the following perks:

  1. Low start up cost to you but you must pay the PreLaunch fee of $9.97 to get your position locked.
  2. The monthly administration fee will cost you $19.95
  3. You will get a replicated website
  4. Direct sales commissions on ITA sales
  5. Earn commissions from signing up others

As a ITA (Independent Travel Agent) you will earn the following perks:

  1. Low start up cost to you but you must pay $89.97 instead of the regular price of $179.95.
  2. Your own replicated website
  3. You will pay a monthly administration fee of $39.95
  4. Earn travel VIP discounts
  5. Earn commissions on all ITA sales

The cost to get started is going to be $19.95 plus a monthly fee of $19.95.  Then there is the 50% match when your personally sponsored rep also enrolls another person in your downline.

The other benefit is you will earn a $10 bonus as a Gold level builder and this is paid to your first upline Gold level builder on each sale in your downline.

There is a monthly matrix payout where you will earn a monthly $4 bonus for every $39.99 payment that is made by your active team members.

A directors bonus is paid out in the amount of $50 for each sale you made in your downline.

There are much more fine details to explain about the PlanNet Marketing Compensation Plan so we feel it is best if you just look at it and review it on your own by downloading the full compensation plan PDF here.

PlanNet Marketing Review | Conclusion

No one knows the reason why Donald Bradley left Paycation Travel to start his own travel version of Paycation Travel with former people of the failed YTB Travel Network.  As for the business opportunity yes there are some pros and cons here with becoming a representative but let’s focus on the implementation of how you are going to take action to succeed in this opportunity should you decide it is for you.

Forget about creating warm market list because these are not the qualified individuals you want in your business, nor can be counted on to help drive sales.  It’s going to take much more effort and strategy on your part because your competition in PlanNet Marketing is already 3 steps ahead of you doing the opposite of what they are telling you.

Sure the travel industry is a great business industry to market it but you have to know what you are doing because it is not a walk in the park and PlanNet Marketing is not for everyone.  You have to understand that not everyone is going to join you in your business unless you have the three factors down to a formula.

  • Know
  • Like
  • Trust

If you truly want to become a top recruiter in your company then it’s going to require you to open up in your marketing so that people can know, like and trust you in order to become a lead.  Remember that leads are the lifeblood of every business and without leads your business is dead in the water.

Gone are the days of traditional marketing to friends and family to join your business or to make a few quick sales on some Disney Vacation cruises. The guys and gals at the top who will be immediately walking on stage at their first convention getting the big cardboard checks are already learning and implementing this approach and guess what they don’t have to recruit or call people to join their business.

Not going to happen that easy, it will take you learning the right skills of lead generation and how to attract a more higher quality market of leads.  There is not a push button software that is going to immediately drop 35,000 people into your downline it doesn’t exist.   The truth is you are going to have to learn and test different marketing strategies to generate your own leads and build your own list of qualified prospects for your PlanNet Marketing business.

What are your thoughts about the PlanNet Marketing opportunity?  Leave a comment below we love to hear what you have experienced and know about them as we can all learn from each other.

See you on the next post,

Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman

4 thoughts on “PlanNet Marketing Review-PlanNet Marketing Exposed!”

  1. Patricia Robinson

    I might be interested in the ITA. I am retired and looking forward to traveling with my family at a discounted price if I can do it. I have travel before at the expense of the government being a Retired Army Veteran. How can I find out more information before I make the decision to become a PlanetMarket Rep? I have had someone to speak to me about becoming a rep, but I’m trying to do my research before I make the final decision.

    1. If you haven’t done so, reach out to me (Andrew Burke) on Facebook and I will give you any information you need and answer all of your questions so you can see if becoming a PlanNet Marketing Rep will be a good move for you and your family. Talk to you soon!

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