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And This Is My Story…


Hey I’m Richard Guzman but you can call me “Rich”.

Image Credit: Flickr-Simon Thomas Ibiza 2010
Image Credit: Flickr-Simon Thomas Ibiza 2010

Glad you stopped by to get to know me more before we start working together, I would be doing the same if I was in your shoes.  I can tell you so much about my life and how much success I have had as an internet marketer it will blow your mind. You know I didn’t become an internet marketer because of the company I was a representative with, the products or the money.

I had one goal and my goal was to travel across the country and see the sunsets of the most beautiful beaches in the world. My heart was filled with joy every time I thought about going to visit Ibiza, Spain, it’s documented that Ibiza has the largest and most remarkable sunset in all of the earth and people (Sunset People) go party there just to see it in person.  Pretty powerful!

Most people get involved in a business venture because they want to make some money and get out of debt, I can understand that but speaking the truth here as a coach its got to be more than just about making money.  You gotta ask yourself what is it I am passionate about? What do I want to do with the rest of the time I have on this planet? Who do I want to help? What do I want to change right now in my life if money was not an option? Now let’s talk about my story…

My Passion For Music

My journey began when I was a teenager living with my mom and two sisters in Massachusetts.  I always had a passion for wanting to learn how to play a guitar but never really had anyone to teach me how to learn the skill of playing such an incredible instrument.  I believed that if I were able to play a guitar and grow up to be a Rock Star that I would be rich and famous living the life man.  Well it wasn’t like that at all, in fact life was pretty tough growing up with this dream inside of me and I wanted to be in a real rock band.

I started creating the habit of visiting my local music store every single day non-stop after school and you know why? That’s right because the guitars.  The store owner and I became great friends and he would allow me to stop in the music store whenever I wanted so I can play with the instruments and get to know the different guitars. He also would spend time with me and share stories with me about his journey and how much he loved his favorite music artists. I continued to visit the music store consistently every day for an entire year straight, but what happened next really was nothing short of amazing.

My First Guitar

I never had anyone to teach me how to play an instrument especially a guitar, hell I couldn’t pluck a note right if my life depended on it. Amazingly though this one day out of the blue I received a surprise gift by one of my closest friends, I was presented with a Guild electric guitar.  This guitar was mine to have and I was going to take very special care of it and make a promise to myself to learn how to play it.  Over the next few years I ended up continuing to play as a guitarist in several different small scale bands to increase my experience. I was getting better and better with all of this practice I would one day be the best guitarist.

The Story of CLIP

CLIP Band Rich Guzman

Fast forward to the year 1999, I was hanging out with one of my friends that I grew up with and he asked me if I would be interested in playing guitar in this band known as “CLIP”.  This was the opportunity I been dreaming of and of course I answered Yes! Even though my only experience was playing in a few bands for a few years. I didn’t care I took this opportunity and I ran with it, I felt this was it this is the moment I been waiting for where I can now play live on stage in front of hundreds of people.

I met with the band members and we all just clicked man it was awesome, they appointed me lead guitarist in “CLIP” and we practiced together at least 3-4 times a week practicing.  When the band members got word that we would potentially be recording our own record CD for the first time we all was freaking excited, me and the guys all celebrated together that we were getting ready to cut our first CD Album together.

Here are some pictures from our photoshoot taken in Massachusetts:


Our band was getting hot and  we had a unique sound that got a lot of club owners interested in booking gigs simply because they loved our music and style.  It was fun while it lasted and I toured with the CLIP a few times a week traveling back and forth from Connecticut to Rhode Island.

CLIP ALBUM (If you like your own copy of CLIP Epidemic CD I have a limited quantity available $5) Email me at

You can listen to sample of our song “We All Fall”

Rich Guzman
There I was on stage rocking it out with bad ass my electric guitar fulfilling my dream of being a metal rock star.

Love Turns Into A Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart

During the time I was involved in the rock band CLIP I was in a relationship with my girlfriend for over four years.  I thought I was so in love with her, I thought I knew what type of person she was but until that dreadful day about a week after Valentines Day was when the girl who I thought was my everything abandoned me.

I never in my life ever felt so frozen and crushed, I thought everything was going great for us but she actually took all of her stuff out of the apartment and left without a trace. For days I tried to look for her and ask her family where is she and if she was alright.

[Tweet “Tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all.~Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem”]

Being abandoned is not something I wish on anyone to go through because that feeling really brought on so much pain, hurt, and loneliness that my heart became frozen and numb towards finding love again. No matter whom I dated after that I was numb and if someone said to me they love me I would feel it.

Pretty messed up right? It gets worse before it gets better.

So that’s what happened to me and it caused me to slow things down with my performance as an electric guitarist, my career in the rock band was starting not to be fun anymore and depression took over my life for a whole year. I locked myself up in my room and I would just hang out with my rottweiler puppy Daimon, he kept me laughing and happy whenever I came home.

Hey Doctors What’s Wrong With Me?

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

I always been a guy who worked out at the gym and would scarf down whole grinders and be full.  I had a very good appetite and active lifestyle, working a job at Best Buy Geek Squad fixing computers and touring with CLIP.  Suddenly one night I remember I had to go to the bathroom and I was so hung over that I pushed really hard (Sorry to gross you out dude) and I felt this electrical sensation run across my gut it was strange.

The following day I had to perform on stage with the band and I remember feeling not right, I started feeling dizzy and I almost passed out.  My friend rushed me to the Emergency room and the doctors didn’t know what was going on and sent me home with a diagnosis of a stomach flu.

I started to lose a lot of weight and my stomach got worse, even to the point where I had to travel to over 5 different doctors and stomach specialists to find out what is wrong with me. Present day still the doctors put me through so many medical tests that they are stumped yet I am still dealing with these stomach issues.

So sometimes when I am working and I feel the symptoms I tend to just meditate with the discomfort and pain laying in my office chair.  No one understands where or how this is happening and it’s effected me so much I can’t gain weight or eat like I used to.  My friends were compassionate enough and expressed their concerns, but there is nothing else they can do but support me during this difficult time with my stomach issues.

[Update September 2014: I am happy to report I do have a clean bill of health from my current physical but my stomach issues haven’t been resolved yet by the doctors. I will keep you posted]

Rest In Peace Daimon Eros Guzman


I wasn’t sure how to add this into telling you my story but since you want to know more about me I’ll tell you what how I lost Daimon.  Daimon had to be put down because he was suffering from tumors and the day he was dying he had multiple seizures and I was there the whole time. I had Daimon as a puppy and he was the most lovable and amazing well trained rottweiler I ever had as a pet.  I named him Daimon Guzman because he was apart of my family, he will be forever missed. Here is the last video he was in with me when I was first getting started in video marketing.

 My Awakening With Video Marketing

On a positive note, let’s talk about what happened after a couple years later because there’s more interesting events that happened.  Things started growing with the band and I was headed back in the studio with a real producer to record the second album “EPIDEMIC”. The next level of my rock star career was starting to come together as I wanted it to so I thought.

Now whenever you are in a band there is always a power trip and for some reason band members who used to get along just don’t anymore. What happened next was just that, the band was falling apart, no one wanted to work together as a team anymore.  I became frustrated and during the night of mix down I ended up walking out of the band resigning as a band member.

In 2008, I became interested in finding a new career, a better way to make money and travel the world without having to work for a boss.  I went online and discovered some YouTube videos by a woman named Maria Andros  “The Video Marketing Queen”. I was interested in more of how happy she was recording videos of her life and her journey as an online marketer. I got inspired to want to go outside and record my own videos and inspire others as much as she inspired me towards video marketing.

Therefore, I made the ultimate sacrifice and sold all my music and stage gear and joined my first online business. You see here is the thing, one of the reasons I wanted to get involved in online marketing as I said in the beginning was because I wanted to travel to Spain and see the country.  Once I learned the correct skills of online marketing and video marketing by learning through different courses by MLSP and Carbon Copy Pro it took my income from zero to $187,000 in less than six months after.

I accomplished this success goal during the time I was hungry and was willing to do these boring tasks on a consistent daily basis.  I worked from my dads house, my sisters house, the bedroom with my laptop and headphones from a neighbours house, and even the alley way where I could get free WiFi internet service. Once I made that much money in the online business I was involved in and generating great monthly income I managed to walk away from my job and travel.

You can see all my travel videos on my YouTube channel at Dream It Become It


I bought a plane ticket and flew out to my first event for the company and finally got to meet all the video marketing leaders I been watching on YouTube in person.  The best part wasn’t just meeting them it was the fact that they knew who I was because the been watching my videos too!  See even when you think your just recording videos and doing video marketing is boring, don’t forget someone is always watching and studying you.

I went to an event with a company called LGN International and thinking that I was going there to be a guest out of nowhere I was approached by the host of the event. Guess who?  The host was non other than multiple 7-figure earner Dwayne Golden man and he recognized who I was and wanted me to coach on stage about internet marketing.

Dwayne Golden and Rich Guzman, Las Vegas LGN Event

In the audience there were about 1000 people and to my surprise my first reaction was like “Oh My God should I do this or shouldn’t I ?” because I been on stage before to play just metal music but to speak and coach professionally that was a whole different ball of wax.  Needless to say after I shared my success with online marketing and video marketing people applauded and wanted to connect after the event for more.


This was my first coaching experience and I was grateful to have this chance to speak live on stage in Las Vegas in front of that many people and it totally changed my life.

Rich Guzman With Jeffery Combs
Rich Guzman With Jeffery Combs

From this point forward a lot of new doors opened for me and I started getting to know many more people from around the world internationally in business. I taken my business from a 5-figure business to a 6-figure income business from the ground up successfully and was qualified to coach others with my strategies in internet marketing to duplicate the same in their businesses. I still wanted to learn more and become a much effective leader in the online business industry so while I was at this event I met a wonderful and powerful speaker and trainer by the name of Jeffery Combs.


I flew out to California to be mentored at a program called, “Breakthroughs To Success” with Jeffery Combs and it totally helped me to not just learn about making money but how to be a serious professional entrepreneur.

A Divine Intervention of True Love

Photo Credit: Rich Guzman Photography
Photo Credit: Rich Guzman Photography

Even though all this was happening and it started out pretty bad it got better because to took the time to work through all of the sickness and depression by doing things that made me happy.  Now here I am on the most beautiful beach out in Puerto Rico and I should be the happiest man alive right? Well not exactly because in the midst of all this success I was missing that something, I didn’t have anyone I could share my experiences with and was single.  It wasn’t until one night I received a Skype call from my friend Robert Irizarry in Ponce, Puerto Rico to meet this friend who was having a Skype conference and he wanted me to join in and listen to what she had to say.

After attending that conference call I was like man this girl got a lot of energy and got a lot to say where she is making a whole lot of sense…I just got to meet this girl.  The following day Anastacia Skype me on a video call and wanted to talk some more about business and marketing tips where we just got along so great.  Several nights we were up late talking on the Skype and there were times she was being so tired her and her baby would begin to doze off but we still kept talking.

One day I was just coming back from a business trip because I was a way for a few days and arrived home only to run into an argument with one of roommates.  Fortunately, Anastacia and I spoken that day about the situation and she invited me to come and visit her in New Jersey just so I could hang with her and her family.  Here is a video of the entire experience, oh yeah she recorded it all.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The rest is history because my once broken heart became renewed and filled with laughter and love once again. Ace and I just connected so well that we fell for eachother in the most divine way is the best way I can describe it.  So currently we been happily together for 4 wonderful years and together we been growing an online coaching consulting business just helping other people become skilled in internet marketing and advertising.  Not only did I end up with a great and wonderful girlfriend but also have a wonderful step-son whom I love as if he was my own child.

Photo Credit: Anastacia Hauldridge
Photo Credit: Anastacia Hauldridge

In closing, I just want to say to you that if you are just sitting there thinking while reading this , “that will never happen to me” or “I can’t be successful” well you are what you think remember that.  Therefore shift your mindset and work harder on yourself as Jim Rohn says, it’s important to the success of your life.  I can honestly say that everything in life happens for a reason, without risk there is no reward.

Make a decision to get the help and coaching you need to learn the skills of online marketing and get laser focused for one year.  Do everything you are supposed to do even if your not perfect and you fail more than once that is the process.  You must crawl before you ever walk, therefore I believe in you and you can succeed in anything you put your mind to.  I am living proof of that and me and Anastacia will be here to help you every step of the way.

I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my story, it certainly has been interesting.  Now that you know as much as you need to know about me, there is only one thing left to do.  Let’s get connected!

See you on the other side!

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