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And This Is My Story…

Anastacia Hauldridge

Hola! I’m Anastacia Hauldridge but just call me “Ace”.

I’m glad you stopped by my story page because let’s keep it real right, its best to take the right amount of time to get to know someone first before doing any kind of business or having any type of relationship with that person.

Many friends of mine have said to me that I have a huge heart and whenever you get the opportunity to meet me in person and hug me you will feel that energy.

I been called “The Ace of Spades” because of the value and intense energy I bring to our social media community which comes from my passion and drive to help aspiring entrepreneurs truly design a life they always dreamed about and making it a reality.

I have been blogging since 2011 up to present date so a little over four years and I picked up so many skills through that journey all from at home learning through different training programs and internet marketing experts.

I didn’t get started in internet marketing until 2010 when I met my partner Rich Guzman.  Before I started earning income from just blogging and marketing on the web I was a single mother living with my parents and two brothers in Ewing, New Jersey.

Hi! I'm Anastacia Hauldridge And This Is My Story...During that year, I was an unemployed single mother and was getting financial assistance from my family while doing presentations and home parties for a health and wellness MLM full time.  I wasn’t even making close to what I make now with my digital marketing business.

I was earning peanuts compared to what I earn now in my online business and you know what?… I freaking love it and am glad I left the MLM industry for internet marketing!

I love the people who work with us in our business and it feels good to lay our heads on our pillows at night knowing that we are adding value to peoples lives changing the world one person at a time.

Will the Real Ace of Spades Please Stand Up?

Anastacia HauldridgeI’m a real jack of all trades and master of some so I can teach you what I know based on my own skill sets and experience. I have an extensive professional executive administrative assistant corporate background, which is great for me in managing small business, organization, problem solving, and accountability. I have a background in art and computers as well as public speaking.  I graduated from Trenton High School in 1998 and I dropped out of college in 1999 to become a professional actress and petite model with Barbizon Modeling Agency.

I stopped modeling after one year since I wasn’t making much money with the type of modeling gigs I was getting and left the industry to get a real job. Â I wanted to help my parents financially because they were doing so much for me by allowing me to live with them and support both me and my baby so with our Spanish culture “La Familia” the family sticks together no matter what. I am all about helping my family and so my father helped me get a job working at the U.S Air Force Base credit union in the banking industry and from there it led me to achieve a more higher paying career of four years with the state of New Jersey Commerce & Economic Development Center.

nj commerce and economic development
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In the building you see here which is the Mary G. Roebling building my office was on the 4th floor at the time and I managed the License & Certification department for Small Business.

In my department I was learning so much on the job about small business and consulting clients all over the Tri-state area about how to start their own business in my home state based on their license. So if you had a cosmetology license and wanted to open up your own salon spa business for example I know how to tell you go about doing that step by step.

This is where most of my traditional small business background originated and it sparked my interest into starting my own home based business.

I was super hungry for knowledge and I became a total bookworm borrowing all kinds of home based business books from the Trenton Public Library weekly.  I spent so much time at the library I practically lived there and this was before the internet came into my life.

Failed Marriage, Depression and Near Death

DivorceWithout going into too much detail I was married very young and that ended up in four years of misery and abuse. I was with someone who didn’t make me happy who didn’t appreciate me and he just wasn’t the one which happens when you marry too fast in relationships sometimes.  My divorce is a memory and I like to keep it that way because I went through so much depression that I had my own health declining because I thought life was not worth living anymore.

I somehow ended up in the hospital when I left my husband and the doctors where trying to figure out how a young 24 year old girl can have so many issues with eating food and heart problems.  I lost so much weight due to the depression and nervous breakdown my esophagus started closing so I couldn’t swallow food and I weighed 68 pounds.

I was really close to dying that the doctors said I would have no more than 6 months to a year possibly to live due to all the health issues I was creating for myself.  My doctor wanted to put a feeding tube in my stomach so he could help me eat liquids and do more tests but my mother refused and said she would rather have her daughter cared for in her home and if I was going to die it wasn’t going to be in the hospital but in her home.

My mother is very old school and traditionally in her country if a child is dying they don’t like hospitals they rather have them at home where they are there to witness them.  I don’t know why she said that she wanted me to do that but as a mother myself now I can understand her mindset of seeing her child this sick and in a fragile state to want to do all she can as a mother.

I Get Saved By Jesus Christ

[Tweet “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live”]

john-11-25-261While at home I was practically so frail and weak that I was dying slowly inside my body, and I was bedridden for 1 year.  I couldn’t drink water or even swallow solid food so I would cry at the sight of food and at my image in the mirror.

Who was this monster I was looking at? OMG! I was looking like a anorexic person with bones showing through my body and it was painful because I felt everything.  I was angry, I was lost, I was alone and I was frightened about dying too young.

Then one night in 2005 as I lay in my mother’s bed I felt my spirit leaving my body and I had my first near death experience. My body felt heavy by my spirit was very light during my transition I encountered a spirit in the room who I remember speaking to.

It was the apparition of the Lord Jesus Christ in his white brilliant robe and he said to me in his own words that he forgiven all my sins and it wasn’t my time yet to die. I must go back to complete a mission to help people know him through sharing this testimonial with others. Then suddenly he said the words I will never forget, “AWAKE” very loud.

That instant moment I remember opening my eyes and feeling at peace that I turned to my mom who was lying right there next to me in tears holding my hand.  I told her what happened and she believed me and then asked me if I was ready to eat food.

My mother went to the kitchen and whipped up some oatmeal and I could swallow the oatmeal a little but I would barely get it down.  My faith was definitely being tested and then my mother had her own dream encounter the following morning where …don’t laugh okay.  She saw Jesus in an apron cooking chicken, potatoes with carrots in aluminum foil in the oven.  She told me in the dream that the Lord told her to cook this exact recipe for 7 days and to have me eat it all for seven days in order for me to be healed.

Long story short my mother obeyed what the Lord said and it worked!

10518626_10204749942887335_6790360565524946376_oFast forward within a year I got completely healed, I could eat solid foods and I even gained my weight back to 119 pounds. I started working out at the gym and got back into the game of network marketing connecting with all new people that were successful. I thought I was doing things right but then I met and dated a guy and ended up pregnant. The relationship with my baby’s dad didn’t work out too well and so I became a single mother.

I did what I had to do to support my son by going back to school and I enrolled in Harris School of Business while majoring in computer business technology and accounting. I graduated in 2008 and I worked two different night jobs so I could support myself and my son. During that time I was also earning a small income from doing home parties with a consumer direct marketing company.

Through out that journey I was getting exhausted of working offline that I got me a laptop and worked my business from the computer in my son’s nursery and recorded my thoughts on video which started my YouTube Channel The Ahauldri Show.


Having the video’s brand me is what attracted alot of attention to what I was doing in my business and just the kind of topics I was video blogging about my subscribers grew to over 900 in less than a year.  All I wanted to do was voice my opinion about my feelings on working from home in a home based business and share my experience in the network marketing industry, I didn’t think it would lead me to the right connections that ended up in building great relationships with successful people who had the keys to financial freedom.

I even ended up creating a fun networking community on Skype called the VIP Mastermind Skype Party and hosted my own podcast station on BlogTalkRadio for a while.

How Long I Been In The Home Based Business Industry?

I been an entrepreneur since I was ten years old, I was living in the poor areas in Trenton, New Jersey and during the summer I would look at it as a opportunity to sell frozen cups filled with Kool-Aid for $1.00 and I would add different colored gumballs in the larger cups for $1.25.

That summer as a entrepreneur kid I earned over $300 that summer in 1990 and that experience taught me the value of earning my own money by owning my business.

I been in the direct sales and network marketing industry since I was 18 years old in various companies and have the experience but I know the “dark secrets” of how these up lines do things to hurt their downline.

Honestly it’s not all peaches and cream but there are some good parts of MLM where lives changed for the better giving top distributors the opportunity to get their bills paid up, college education funds, new car, new house, and travel.

Then there are the worse stories you wouldn’t fathom where hard working distributors end up losing their houses, cars, and broken relationships while going deeper into financial debt from doing things they weren’t supposed to do in their business.

This industry is not hard it’s just different and its’ not for everyone because you have to be that kind of person who has the passion, drive, and entrepreneur mindset to do whatever it takes to reach success.

How Did I Become The Ace?

People ask me all the time when they meet me on Skype Video or in person where I got the name “Ace”? Okay, let me tell you how it happened its a funny story.

Ace is the brand nickname I earned back in 2010 when I first got started in video marketing while I was trying to get attention to my home based MLM business through my YouTube Channel The Ahauldri Show.

One night I was on Facebook chatting with some friends and I received an invitation from my online friend Cherry R. I would be interested in jumping in on a conference chat and call in Skype about the network marketing industry.

It was a great topic about Network Marketing Vs Online Marketing and it got lots of responses include a very nasty one from a unknown top income earner who was earning multiple six figures in his MLM company who was being obnoxious blasting comments about how he eats off the success of his downline and they are such losers.

This guy was being a real jerk and just the things he was saying I didn’t agree with whereas I just came out and put him in his rightful place by giving him a piece of my mind.  When the community heard me chastise this guy someone wrote the comment:

“Whoa! She just dropped the Ace of Spades on him!”

I loved that name so much I had to own it so I coined the name as my brand nickname in all my branding until everyone who met me knew who I was by reputation.


Now if you like to know how Rich and I met and our love story you can click here A Divine Intervention of True Love to read the juicy details.

Earning My First $5,000 Online After Being Coached

I realized that the internet can give a person the leverage to earn a full-time income but I didn’t understand how powerful it was until I met and got coached by Rich Guzman. Rich was more than qualified to coach me since he had already accomplished making over $90,000 online with his travel network marketing company in less than 5 months.

Although Rich was in a relationship with me let me tell you that he worked really hard with me because I was making it difficult to learn what he knows by over processing it.  Once the opportunity came for me to earn more than my primary MLM was paying me in commission I decided what the heck if it works out that I earn more money than what I was currently doing and just drop that business so I can focus on the one program that is producing results.

I worked hard communicating and doing webinars with my contacts in the high ticket travel company I was called ROI Unlimited that I successfully grew my income to $5,000 per month.  I was blown away by those results that I did leave the company and continued forward into internet marketing. In fact, I took a trip to Las Vegas with Rich during Spring Break and we had a blast.

If you are like me I love a good video so here is a recording of my experience for your enjoyment.

If it wasn’t for Rich’s training and support I probably would still be struggling in that broken MLM I was in and not be here sharing this story with you.

As an entrepreneur, you want success as bad as you want to breathe so that is why there are some changes to my lifestyle for a reason.

I ended up moving from New Jersey to Massachusetts and living together with Rich and my son happily.  Rich and I spend most of our time now working the digital business consulting with local small business owners and also teaching our students within The Super Affiliate Network.

If you are interested in learning how we do what we do I would love to share with you our book 7 Crucial Steps You Must Do To Make $100,000 Online, From Scratch In The Next 12 Months.

This book is packed with information that will teach you what it is going to take to succeed at making money on the internet and how we did it.

You will also learn and have fun doing it because I believe that if it isn’t fun then it isn’t worth doing. By leveraging the education that is provided through our community within the SAN you will finally have the blueprint that you never had before.

I’m going to tell you though it will not be easy and that is to be expected with anything new that you do but if you are coachable you will be able to rise as an entrepreneur. You know I didn’t get to where I am by begging people to join me in my business and posting cash money pictures all over my Facebook wall.  I got here because I made a decision that I was worth it and that I am going to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Some people make the mistake of thinking spending money to get into a business is not worth it or that it costs too much but I have a different mindset now that taught me the value of self-improvement and real entrepreneurship is worth every penny.

I’d rather be doing this for the rest of my life than working as an employee in someone else’s plan for the rest of my life.

This is the way entrepreneurs think and if you’re not thinking like this then you got to do a total mindset detox seriously.

Read: Employee Vs Entrepreneur

How Do I Add Value When People Hire Me As A Business Coach?

about-clientsI am ever so grateful to be living at a time where I can create a lifestyle by design right from my laptop computer no matter where I live in the world as long as I have a WiFi internet connection.

My digital marketing business is running every day 24/7 on autopilot because I set it up that way so I can even make money while I am sleeping.

I have to skills, tools and right business system to turn my Laptop literally into an ATM machine and that’s powerful!

The way I help people is I offer them that personal one-on-one coaching step by step experience where I can teach them a set of skills that will become their asset for their business or whatever career path they like to get into.

I offer my time to listen to what issues they are dealing with in wanting to make money online and offer solutions customized to their needs because not everyone has the same problems as it is different for every student who works with me but we get through it together.

Nothing is more rewarding than helping you get out of that funk with your business growth struggles and teaching you how to turn your entire life around with a different mindset so that you can create your own lifestyle by design by working smarter.

If you like to hear what others are saying about working together with me and Rich you can click to see the Testimonials.

*Individual results will vary from each individual. We cannot guarantee any results.

I want to take the time here to thank you for being a reader and subscriber, I really appreciate you and if there is anything else I can say to you is never give up on yourself.

Whether you still wondering if it is possible to make money online listen it is truly possible but don’t think you can do it by yourself because you must have the right kind of support if you are to make it in the home based business industry.

There are so many amateur marketers online trying to pose as gurus promising you the support and they will be there to help you when in reality all they care about is themselves and making money from you.

I am not like that because I know what it is like not to have support from your upline, how hard it is to close a sale when you are just starting out as a new marketer with no credibility, and how frustrating it can be to get that family support to believe in your goals.

I have worked with people outside of my industry and not once charged them to answer their questions that is what our free consultation is for I want to know who you are and what I can do to help you get the kind of results that will make a difference in your current business. Why? Because I care that’s why.

Now that you know who I am I like to know more about you so let’s get connected I’m social! If you enjoyed my success story and it has touched you in any way please leave a comment below.

Blessings and success I look forward to working together soon and I’ll see you on the inside!

Anastacia Hauldridge

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Digital Marketing Business Coach

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  1. Very inspiring story Ace and proof that a desire to succeed and persistance pays off. Well done for all your success 🙂 Sam

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