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Seacret Review | The Unbiased TRUTH About SEACRET

Does this MLM opportunity really have six figure income earning potential?

What about the Dead Sea products are they any good and do they actually work?

If the business is so great why are leaders leaving?

The truth revealed inside…
Today in our Seacret Review we are going to share our own personal journey with you and what why we didn’t join the Seacret Business.  Read more…!

Seacret Review Disclaimer: The information in this post about Seacret Direct is for educational purposes. We are not affiliated with the company and so if you like enroll in Seacret be sure to get together with the person who spoke to you first or do a search for a local rep from the corporate website at

The Dead Sea is a special place located on this earth rich with minerals and salts that purify and heal the body. For centuries people have traveled to the holy land of Israel to get their experience of swimming in the Dead Sea saltiest waters to covering their body with the grey silky mud.

My first experience with The Dead Sea Spa products happened a long time ago when I was 20 years old and shopping at the Quaker Bridge Mall in Princeton, New Jersey.

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While I was walking a beautiful long haired woman from Jerusalem came over to me to try and sell me a spa nail pedicure kit. I loved her accent so much and how gentle she was with massaging my hand with the products. Our conversation about how special these spa product were and the benefits I would get if I used it everyday was very interesting.

So, I bought the kit for $40 and started my Dead Sea experience.

My second experience was with Seacret Direct back in 2011. At the time we were looking for a second income business opportunity and was approached by a online friend in Facebook.

He managed to connect us with the company founders and leaders who mailed us a VIP Seacret Spa set for free to try out all the products. (*Leaders Only Set are sent to heavy players in the industry as a courtesy to try before you join a business)

When the VIP Seacret Set arrived we had our first private home spa party and tried every single product. I ended up keeping my favorites and really saw a difference in scent and skin texture after using them.

I think the M4 Magnetic Mud Mask is super cool so it definitely has the WOW factor! Just had to throw that out there, it does work but you will run out of it fast if you are using it too much hence the autoship duh!.


The Salt Scrub is yummy for the skin and I even used it on my son when I would give him a bath at night. The product was so gentle it didn’t burn him or me as we both have sensitive skin leaving it smooth to the touch.


When the time came to evaluate the business part of this journey things got a little clearer as to how the business is being built and what is expected from the compensation plan in order for agents to earn profit and commissions.  We found out it wasn’t for us  and we will share with you why today.

Seacret Review | Why Are Seacret Direct Agents Failing

There are many people under the misconception that as soon as they join the Seacret business they are going to be successful and rich just like the top income earning producers at the company.

This business is not for everyone, sure the products are great and all but it is a business yet Seacret Agents who have no skills treat this business like a spa at home party which causes them to get many cancellations.

People will do what you do, if you are duplicating the wrong strategy it will have a ripple effect throughout your sales downline.

I started noticing a serious trend that is explaining the reasons so many Seacret Agents are leaving and quitting the business.

Every blog post or YouTube comment I read came from different people already in Seacret who indicated that they needed serious help in the recruiting process so they can sell their products.

Recruiting in Network Marketing is not easy when you don’t know what you are doing or how to qualify your prospects. You must learn the skills of recruiting and understand the psychology of closing.

Not many people care about this part of their business because well they are too busy thinking of when their next sale is going to happen.

This mindset is known as the “Instant Gratification” mindset and it’s not the person’s fault because it is a conditioning that was programmed into our minds since birth.

We want everything so fast and if we don’t get we feel down and dissapointed to the point our belief level goes from high to zilch.

That is why my friend people are quitting their business so fast because they lack the belief in themselves, they don’t have the right support, too much “Old School MLM” methods that are antiquated and the wrong skillets.

Seacret Review | Conclusion

I feel the message in the training videos are more geared to Salons and Spas that it is building from home. Not everyone is comfortable or skilled to walk into just any local spa and start selling from the ground up to the owner.

We ourselves used to be in a similar skin care company with the same business model and they wanted us to expand operations in the spa market the same way but it wasn’t duplicatable.

Needless to say it was not going as planned because the local spa owners where skeptical, not open minded, and also struggling to even pay their own business expenses due to lack of customers. Some of the local top spa chain CEO’s will only speak to you if you have a inside contact or relationship that is trust worthy of their time.

If you don’t have this in place it is not going to be easy and you will have to face tons of rejection. That is the name of the “Old School” game, tons of rejection and you must be able to continue pushing products and constantly recruting.

I have studied the top Seacret Direct Agents and they like to put this facade that building this business is easy and simple. They want you to believe that all you got to do is purchase the biggest business product kit and build from it with your list of friends and family at your first spa party.

You know if that is the case then why are so many Seacret Agents looking online for help in the building stages?

Think about it, the marketing plan they are using is not a match to the “blueprint” they know of using but won’t tell you or teach.

I do love the products I have used them but I noticed how loving the products will not pay the bills. Am I right? Just because you love the products doesn’t guarantee people will buy from you unless you change up your plan of action and treat your business like a six figure business.

Get a new blueprint that will leverage your time instead of taking the time away from your family and loved ones. No one should be privy to hustling with calling people and chasing prospects online because they haven’t been taught what to do.

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Your friends and mentors,

Ace & Rich Guzman

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