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When it comes to jewelry there is only one name that pops in everyone’s head and that is Silpada.

The company is still thriving even with all the competition of other network marketing jewelry companies and their revenue is skyrocketing!

But…can consultants really earn a living selling jewelry in a home party plan or is it more like a side hobby?

Let’s find out…

This will not be your typical Silpada Review because today we are going to share some helpful information about the business side of the company and how you can earn income.  Read more…!

When it comes to jewelry I can think of several places online to buy them from, but as far as network marketing company suppliers there is a special name that comes to mind and that is Silpada.

Silpada once was a jewelry line offered through the direct selling giant Avon Products, Inc. and then the jewelry got so popular it separated from Avon by forming into its own fashion forward brand back in 2013.

In 2015 the company expanded into the direct sales markets and added more products for not only females but males and children.

The mission of Silpada has always been about helping a new generation of entrepreneurial women all over the world with fashionable jewelry that is of the highest quality and an additional income stream.

Silpada Review | Who Is Silpada?

Silpada Designs, Inc also doing business as Silpada has been registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)since November 2007 and doing business since 1997.

The company is a direct sales type of business that sells jewelry and was originally founded by Tom Kelly and Jerry Kelly. Currently, the company has established new CEO’s which are Kelsey Perry and Ryane Delka, the daughters of the founding families.

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The company is located in Lenexa, KS and according to the BBB they have earned a A+ business rating which means the company is in good standing.

The address of the company is legit upon search by address and is a very large building in Lenexa, Kansas.


The company is a direct sales type of business that sells jewelry and is founded by Tom Kelly who is the President and the CEO is Jerry Kelly.

Silpada Review | How Are The Products?

silpada jewelry
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The Silpada jewelry line is the highest quality jewelry on the market. The company sells .925 sterling silver and the new designs of K & R Collection.

Each jewelry piece is handcrafted by artisans and designs are inspired from around the world.

The company sells jewelry for women, men and children in the following categories:


Women Category

Toe Rings
Add Ons (Chain links and extension clasps)

Men Category




K & R Design Collection

Toe Rings

The company website has a Gift Certificate section for customers to purchase in the amounts of $25.00, $50.00, and $100.00. This is great if you want your friend or loved one to shop the website for what they want.

Silpada Review | Can You Make Money Selling Silpada As A Business?


You can make extra money selling Silpada as a sales consultant by taking the following steps:

Step 1. Begin the online application process by contacting or locating a local Silpada representative in your area.

Step 2. Sign up under their replicated website referral ID and
purchase your getting started Silpada Business Kit. There are 3 different size kits to choose.


Kick-start your Silpada business with our entry-level kit featuring the Business Essentials plus nine jewelry pieces from the Sterling Silver and K & R Collections (valued at more than $500).


Step it up a notch with our mid-level kit featuring the Business Essentials plus 17 jewelry pieces from the Sterling Silver and K & R Collections (valued at more than $1,100). Additionally, you’ll have the chance to earn a $100 refund when you party and earn $400 PCV in your first 30 days.


Get the most bang for your buck with our high-level kit featuring the Business Essentials plus 32 jewelry pieces from the Sterling Silver and K & R Collections (valued at more than $2,300). Additionally, you’ll have the chance to earn a $200 refund when you party and earn $400 PCV in your first 30 days. Keep in mind: more is more—more jewelry on your table means more success!

The are bonus perks to becoming a Silpada Consultant such as:

  • Earning 30% commissions on every sale
  • 100 days to greatness program
  • Cash bonuses and leadership income
  • Training and one-on-one coaching
  • A replicated website with a shopping cart
  • Marketing and social media tools
  • Hostess promotions
  • Glam getaways

*Please note that monthly earnings are based on 30% commissions based on the average home party of selling $750 in product in North America.

Earnings Potential Calculator

1 Party = $225 a month
5 Parties = $1125 a month
7 Parties = $1575 a month
9 Parties = $2025 a month
15 Parties = $3375 a month
30 Parties = $6750 a month

Consultants can earn within their first 100 days $250 worth of free jewelry for everyone who joins them in their team plus an extra $100 in free jewelry for every $572 of jewelry sales you reach.

There is more to this compensation plan and if you like to see more greater detail you can download the free PDF below.

Download the full Silpada Compensation Plan PDF here.

Silpada Review | Conclusion

In conclusion, we have researched a great deal here and see that the Silpada Jewelry is here to stay and is doing very well for themselves as a reputatable company. They have a great home party plan opportunity that works in generating a few hundred dollars a month up to a few thousand.

The only problem we can see develop is how consultants will eventually run out of people to talk to, not host enough jewelry parties to successfully meet Silpadas monthly sales goals, and will eventually burn out and quit in their first few months in the business. This type of situation does happen all the type in any business no matter traditional brick and mortar or online, people just don’t know what to do with a home business.

Some consultants are just posting “Join Me In Silpada” or “Earn CASH & Free Jewelry” social media posts hoping to earn a sale and that is not how this business should be run.  The more consultants market in this fashion, it will only slow down your business growth because you will be demonstrating that you are desperate and needy for sales.  This makes not only you look bad but also the company itself and people aren’t going to follow you on social media.

Even though the company does provide that one-on-one coaching and training its more belly to belly and word of mouth type of training whereas if they taught actual marketing and advertising skills that will better suit the consultants business growth it would be a winning situation.  Not all home party plans are alike but what is the same no matter what company you join is the process, you still constantly have to chase friends and family begging them to buy from you.

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Think about this scenario for a minute…

What happens when you run out of people to talk to about your product or business? What will you do when that happens?

This is why we highly recommend that the consultant learn how marketing and advertising so they can brand themselves and attract more quality type of people into their business. To learn these type of skills will require patience, time and investment into your own self-education with the right system, tools, and resources that has an affiliate attached to it that compliments your Silpada business so you can have enough free time to do the things you enjoy.
See you on the next post!

Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman

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