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SPX Nutrition | The Low Down Exposed In This SPX Nutrition Review

Rumors and dirty little lies are surrounding the internet about SPX Nutrition.

Have you heard anything about EPX and SPX are the same company just with a different label?

Wait till you read the evidence we have discovered…


Today’s blog post we are going to give you the low down on what’s going on with the new company SPX Nutrition. Read more…!

Disclaimer: The information in this review is generic for any business online and is based on your collective industry experience and success with online marketing and we are in no way affiliated with SPX Nutrition

If you like more information on the company we just recommend you continue you research by visiting their website and get in touch with a representative of SPX Nutrition in your local area.

Something seems a little fishy about the whole brand look of SPX Nutrition which is why we wanted to dig deeper to see if this company is who they say they really are in the network marketing industry.

Now when we look at the logo we noticed how similar the branded “SPX Nutrition” line is so close to the other MLM company known as EPX Body.

Then we found some very interesting information while digging up some dirty facts all found on the internet and with a bit of research we were able to learn some startling facts.

Based on a press release published on PRWeb dated November 2, 2014 the SPX Nutrition company’s president is a guy by the name Rick Wall.

SPX Nutrition | Who is Rick Wall?

According to the information on NPROS.com it is stated that Rich Wall is a known public speaker in the network marketing industry and has over 30 years in experience in management, directing and education while taking companies from zero to millions of dollars to success.

Rich Wall co-founded with partner Lyle Waters Nutri-Thin in 2011. Rich also was partners with Dan Putnam in EPX Body so basically they have managed to save some of their leaders to be heading up the expansion of the new look as well as showcasing the same peoples before and afters from EPX Body.

What’s interesting is how the product known as Nutri-Thin is the same product that was sold in EPX Body and now its just with a different wrapper with a whole similar marketing perspective.

See for yourself how when you type in EPX Body in search you will get a redirect to SPX Nutrition and that just seems to us its a relaunch with all new packaging like most MLM companies do when they suffer a terrible loss of business.

There really is alot of hype on the whole launching of this as it is designed that way to entice you to want to join but honestly come on same EPX Body products with just a fresh new wrapper that’s all we are seeing.

We recognized the products and can prove to you it’s all the same, take a look at the image below.

spx nutrition

We were once in EPX Body and we left them because there was alot of problems with the products being ordered and people wanting to get refunds. Sure we had a great team in the beginning but that fire just died out when the company had too many back orders and weren’t delivering the best customer service it got really bad so we had to leave to something more credible.

If anything we recommend to don’t fall for the facade of SPX Nutrition and their gimmicks to trick you into believing that building a health and nutrition business is a piece of cake.  The truth is its no secret to building a successful online business no matter what business model, it will take leads and lots of them that are highly qualified.  The only way you are going to grow is to have a system you can follow by attaching whatever it is that you do for your primary business and learn how to generate your own leads.


See you on the next post,

Anastacia Hauldridge & Rich Guzman

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