the super affiliate network maui immersion

The Super Affiliate Network Maui Immersion Highlights

In today’s blog post I am going to share with you some of the awesome highlights of The Super Affiliate Network Maui Immersion that was held in Maui, Hawaii April 21st to 23rd 2017.

2 weeks ago, we attended one of the most incredible and amazing internet marketing company sponsored events called The Super Affiliate Network Maui Immersion.

the super affiliate network maui immersion
Maui Immersion Group Photo

This event was a free event, yup you heard me correctly 100% and with bonuses given to the attendees who showed up.  The amount of information and education taught at this event was so valuable it could easily sold for $1,997 per ticket.

Instead the special promotion to attend this event was only a whopping $97 a ticket and refundable at the door when you showed up. The only thing you had to do was pay for your hotel stay, transportation and meals for the duration of your stay.

Yes the host of this event presented us with a photo opportunity with him and then we received $100 cash and a bonus of $500 voucher of private coaching for 1 hour with Wing Man Coaching Services.

The event was held at the Maui Sheraton Resort & Spa located in Lahaina Maui, HI

Maui Resort & Spa Grounds

The goal of this event was put together and designed to teach affiliates everything that Misha Wilson, CEO does in his multi-million dollar business and give the affiliates 20% of the activities they must focus on in order to hit that six-figure status fast.

The event was held for 3 days total, which included the following courses and a fun day at the beach as a group:

Solo Ad Marketing

Organic Facebook Marketing

Sales Funnel Creation and Automation

Identifying Your Unique Selling Proposition

Thank You Page Magic

Irresistible Bonus Creation

Advanced Closing Systems and Scripts

Advanced Email Copywriting

Irresistible Lead Magnet Creation

The Webinar Profit Formula

Personal Branding Secrets Of The Millionaires

Top Earner Daily Routines

Authority Positioning “Hacking”

Mastering Buyer Follow Up

and much more…!

There was more than enough people that attended this event but for the people that couldn’t make the trip to attend The Super Affiliate Network Maui Immersion experience ended up watching parts of it on the Facebook Live so they could get a behind the scenes look.

The Super Affiliate Network Maui Immersion | Takeaways From Misha Wilson

Every day for the 3 days we were at the Maui Immersion I written so many notes that I ended up filling up 4 yellow notepads. So what I am going to do is share with you just 12 of the most important takeaways I had learned from our mentor Misha Wilson’s teachings.

  1. When it comes to conducting market research make sure you are paying close attention at this event during the introductions and listen in for cues about who they are and why they are here at the Maui Immersion.
  2. Get addicted to the process, get addicted to the results but don’t get addicted to the failures.
  3. In our industry confusion increases consumption
  4. Focus on 20% activities that produce 80% of the results.
  5. Everyone in this industry has an email list.
  6. The goal is to get 7-10 exposures on average to get sales.
  7. If you don’t have it all put together then the whole thing doesn’t work.
  8. When creating and testing capture pages you want to shoot for a 40%-45% conversion percentage rate which will depend on the traffic source.
  9. There are 3 Types of Traffic: Cold Traffic which is people who don’t know you. Warm Traffic which is people who have seen you around. Hot Traffic which is people who have already bought something.
  10. When it comes to list building you want to always segment your list by clickers and buyers.
  11. Sell them what they want but give them what they need.
  12. Sell the hole not the drill.

These are just 12 pieces of the many pages of notes I have written but I only wanted to share with you just some of the most important lessons I learned as my greatest takeaways.  As far as the highlights we had a great time meeting everyone in person and dining together.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this post and if you had got value from it feel free to post a comment below and share it on Facebook.


Anastacia Hauldridge and Rich Guzman

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6 thoughts on “The Super Affiliate Network Maui Immersion Highlights”

  1. Amber Hoerner

    The Immersion was truly amazing!
    I also took so many notes. It was such an honor to meet Ace and Rich! As well as everyone else that came. Thanks a bunch for sharing some of your biggest take aways with us!

    1. Awesome @amberhoerner:disqus ! Thank you so much for commenting and looking forwarding to spending more time with you and your husband again. We had such a blast together looking forward to seeing you guys soon at the next events 😉 ALL IN BABY!

  2. Krissy Marie Thulin

    You guys are an inspiration! Ace and Rich are awesome and they give, and give and give so much value and their time to others. Love them both! Thanks you guys for everything!

    1. Aww so sweet of you Krissy! we love seeing you learn and grow as well as look forward to meeting one day in person in one of the many beautiful beaches of the world Maui, Hawaii or at the next event.

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