11 Tips to Improve Sales In Home Businesses

In today’s blog post I am going to share 11 tips to improve sales in home businesses.

Many of our subscribers have written to us that they can’t figure out what to do to increase sales in their home business. They feel mentally overwhelmed as to what specific strategy to focus on that is going to increase traffic, leads, and sales.

Honestly I can totally relate to you because Rich and I have been there, we didn’t know what to do either and thankfully we learned what is the most important strategies to focus on that will bring quicker results in this industry.

So let’s get right into it…

11 Tips to Improve Sales In Home Businesses

1. Expect nothing in return. Seriously, you are in a business you’re not selling girl scout cookies here because this is your own business that requires much of your attention, focus, tenacity and money as an investment.

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2. Study personal growth and mindset. No matter what happens you must focus on having a positive attitude. Your attitude on how you handle and react to different days that are going to not go as well will effect your business. You want to be reading personal growth books, listening to mindset CD’s or podcasts and hanging around your tribe of like minded individuals. Some of my favorite authors I read books from are Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Brendan Burchard and Brian Tracy.

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3. Think like an professional entrepreneur not an amature. When you joined your MLM, direct sales or Network Marketing business you signed and independent agreement not a dependent agreement. Your success is not dependent on your sponsor’s time, they can help you with few closes but you are going to have to learn to be self sufficient in this profession.

4. Test,tweak and measure everything you do in your marketing. Everything in business especially in the online marketing aspect requires testing and tweaking. You don’t know what strategy or ad copy or image graphic is going to land you sale or generate leads until you test it.

5. You don’t need everybody to join you in your business. True networkers know not to get excited about another person’s title. You shouldn’t empower any prospect when they haven’t yet joined you in your business. You begin building your business one relationship at a time.

6. Learn to listen more. The first step in mastering this skill is to learn to listen more and talk less about your business. You want to listen to your prospect as they are sharing key information about their problems and then you can help with your business or product as a solution.

7. Prospect while you’re out. If you are going out to prospect for customers then your doing it wrong. The way to do it is to prospect while you are out. Speak only if you are asked or if you peaked someone’s interest while you are in a conversation that resonates with what you do in business.

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8. Master one form of paid traffic marketing. With all the possible ways to grow your business through social media you don’t have to know them all right now. You want to ‘pick your poison’ by choosing one form of paid traffic to master then once you do that your ready to add another new skillset to learn. Do not spread yourself too thin and too many new marketers continue do this so that is why I’m saying it here.

9. Stay focused and be consistent everyday. You must stay laser focused and not get distracted by every single thing going on around you. The business is not going to grow by itself you are the one that is going to get you to the next level of success and to the top of your compensation plan.

10. Hire an experienced business coach. A coach will see something inside you that you won’t see. They can point out specific areas and skills you are lacking in that you can work on to become a better entrepreneur. A coach will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. We invested thousands of dollars into private coaching and we learned so much about ourselves as a person more than just earning money.

11. Measure your results every 30 days. The problem many networkers have in building a successful business is they are not measuring their results. Look back at your previous month of all the activity and marketing you have done to increase sales and compare to the current month. The goal is to always learn what you did last month and do more of it by duplicating yourself.

This means measuring your traffic, leads, email open rates, conversion percentage, retention, sales, etc.

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4 thoughts on “11 Tips to Improve Sales In Home Businesses”

  1. Great post Ace & Rich. I think the personal touch is so overlooked these days. I know it continues to be one of the reason I get success in my business!

  2. Great tips, Ace & Rich! One of my favorite books that relates to mindset is “The Secret Of Letting Go”! Very easy read and requires lots of soul digging from the reader.

    Also, love the mastering of 1 form of paid marketing. Simple and effective advice.

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