Toolkit For Facebook – Get Rid of Unwanted Facebook Friends In A Click

In today’s blog post I am going to share the toolkit for Facebook I use to unfriend and clean up my Facebook profile in one click.

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Toolkit For Facebook | What Is It?

Toolkit For Facebook by PlugEx is an app extension I found online that saves time and will keep your carpel tunnel at bay. I remember having to click every few seconds one by one to unfriend people on Facebook and it took all day.

At least with this extension its easy to use and at the click of a button it automatically unfriends the people I choose to unfriend.

Its really simple to get all you do is go to the Google Extension Store to download Toolkit For Facebook by PlugEx for free.

I would recommend using this as a tool for your Facebook maintenance like cleaning up all the friends that have fake profiles, people that never have a first conversation with you, and just plain people that just don’t want to stay friends.

There are other features of the extension I use as well on top of cleaning up my friends lists on Facebook such as accept or reject all friend request so that way I can cut my time in half.

I’d love to hear your feedback and tell me how is Toolkit for Facebook is working for you and making your Facebook Marketing easier? I love to know so dish it out with me in the comments below.



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Ace and Rich Guzman

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