yoli review

Yoli Review | Is Yoli The Right Business For You

Yoli Review | Is Yoli The Right Business For You

So you been asked to join Yoli right?

Well, it’s a start if you are trying to earn additional income but the question is is it a fit for you or not?

And how are you planning to get more customers?

More details inside…

In this Yoli Review we are going to find out if Yoli is the right business or not. Read more…!

Yoli Review Disclaimer: The following information is for educational purposes and can be applied to any home based business program.

We are not affiliated with Yoli so if you want more information about the opportunity just visit their website and get in contact with a local representative.

Regardless of what decision you make we are here to help you learn more about the company in this Yoli Review post.

Yoli Review | About Yoli The Company

The company known as Yoli is a health and wellness network marketing company that focuses on products to help with weight loss and vitality.

The founders of the company are Robby Fender, Corey Citron, Daren Falter, Bobby Jones and Michael Prichard all of which have a combined experience in the world of direct sales and traditional business.

The Chief Marketing Officer is Corey Citron but the CEO is Robby Fender.

corey citron yoli
Image Credit: Yoli.com

yoli founders

The company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and has generated a portfolio of over $120 million dollars in revenue.

According to our research found at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) this company has a A+ rating which basically means they are in good ethics and business practice standing.




In the report by Direct Selling News which is a magazine for the Network Marketing and Direct Selling industry since 2004, Yoli was recognized as number 118 as the top 150 direct selling companies with momentum.


Yoli Review | About The Yoli Products

The company has health and nutrition products for assistance in transforming your body into the best health it has ever been. From increasing energy and optimal health to losing weight Yoli has a total set called the Better Body System.

In fact, the founders appeared on the show The Balancing Act and talked about the benefits of the products Yoli offers.

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The Yoli products include:

YES ~ Which is a potent blend of fruits and vegetables to help your body get protein and high fiber with only 80 calories

PASSION ENERGY~ Which a low-calorie energy drink that features Thermo-G on and exclusive ingredient that naturally delivers energy without the jittery feeling unlike other supplements.

PASSION ENERGY~ Which a low-calorie energy drink that features Thermo-G and exclusive ingredient that naturally delivers energy without the jittery feeling unlike other supplements. Available in two different flavors, Tropical Melon and Berry.

FUN LEMON LIME~ Which is a health drink that is great to take before a workout.  This drink improves hydration levels and maximizes your performance.

TRUTH ~ Which is a health drink that increases your antioxidant levels and promotes Anti-Aging benefits.

PURE ~ Which is a unique blend of probiotics to help stimulate healthy digestion and build your auto immune system.

DREAM ~ Which aids in getting a restful sleep.

ALKALETE ~ Which helps your body combat the effects of an acidic environment.  This product supplement helps in balancing your alkalinity levels and increase strength in your muscles while boosting your energy.

THERMOBURN ~ This product helps stimulate your metabolic activity and delivers long-lasting energy.

BETTER BODY VITAMINS & MINERALS  ~ Which are vitamin essentials to help your body with function at its optimal health.  These products promote maximum absorption and improves healthy bones, teeth, and muscles.

* These products benefits and claims are not approved by the FDA therefore Yoli products are not meant to cure, treat or prevent cancer or diseases.  Speak to your physician before taking any supplement as individual results will vary.

I think it’s really cool to add that the company also thought about helping its customers by providing healthy cooking recipes to go with the whole package.

Some health and nutrition companies don’t really do that kind of thing so it’s awesome that they would add that.

It’s obvious that these products have worked because on the product page of Yoli’s website shows lots of before and after testimonials.

Yoli Review | How To Make Money Selling Yoli

In order to make money with Yoli you must become a consultant with the company and purchase a getting started business kit.

This means you have to buy one of Yoli’s product packages by purchasing your level of autoship every 4 weeks.

There are 4 member kits you can get started with to get your business going.

Diamond Elite Pack ~ includes 16 transformational kits all kits yes 50/50 and will cost $3,697.97.

Party Pack ~ includes 4 transformational kits all kits yes 50/50  and will cost $997.97.

Executive Elite Kit Yes Vanilla/Chocolate or 50/50 and will cost $997.97.

Elite Kit Yes Vanilla/Chocolate or 50/50 and will cost $499.97.

Yoli has a hybrid compensation structure so that means it requires you to work together in building the business as a sales team effort.

There are 10 ways to earn income with Yoli

  1. Retail profits and rebate bonus program
  2. Fast start bonus
  3. Refer 3, get it FREE
  4. Break even bonus
  5. Binary team commission
  6. Unilevel executive matching bonus
  7. Global leadership bonus pool
  8. Multiple business centers
  9. Travel incentives and Luxury Car program
  10. Team accelerator


But it doesn’t stop there, because in order to really take part and succeed in the Yoli Compensation Plan you will have to sell the products and the opportunity by recruiting others.

You will have to host Yoli home parties and that method is really not for everyone to be honest.

Rather than us go into a whole drawn out compensation plan discussion because people are more visual and learn better that way I provided for you a full compensation download.

Download: Yoli Compensation Plan PDF

Yoli Review | Conclusion

Now most people who get involved in Yoli aren’t cut out to sell but that is because they aren’t properly trained in the industry of Network Marketing.

The old marketing business methods are to talk to your friends and family, do home parties, and cold calling.

Really that is not what is going to work all the time because the industry has changed my friend.

The basic distributor training in the Yoli doesn’t help distributors with marketing and advertising skills.

There are the skills you need to really crush your competition and it requires you to step outside your traditional form of marketing which is pushing prospects into learning how to attract the right quality type of prospect by pulling them into your own list.

Not the list of your warm market friends and family and mailman, we are talking digital marketing here.  Your own list, that means you will have to learn lead generation if you plan to build your Yoli business online.

You might be asking how is that possible?

Don’t compare yourself to what the people at the top of Yoli have done because you are in a different situation than they are.

We know how to do it because this is exactly what we teach from learning it ourselves before leaving the Network Marketing industry.  It only makes sense to work smarter and not harder by building your own list with a system that can complement your Yoli business.

We want you to succeed in Yoli by changing your game strategy to increase sales and profits in your business without you ever having to chase anyone.

Leave a comment below if you found this post to be helpful and share with us your views about Yoli.
See you on the next post!


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